Why You Need a Non Slip Yoga Mat

Why You Need a Non Slip Yoga Mat

We’ve all been there. You know, the time when you’re mid-way through a yoga lesson. Looking down, you notice your palms are a little sweaty. As soon as the thought registers, Niagara Falls erupts. It’s that physical-mental connection again. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. Sweatier and sweatier, they become. You desperately try to ignore it. Surreptitiously, you wipe your hands off along the side of the mat, hoping no-one saw. But it’s just at the wrong time. The yoga teacher guides you into the next pose. It’s the one that you always find the most difficult. You can feel the perspiration as you try to refocus. Wiping away the previous sweat seems to have unleashed more. The inevitable happens and you slide out of pose.   

Why You Need a Yogi Bare Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Okay, so most of the time, nothing dramatic happens when you slip or slide. But did you ever consider that your mat may be hampering your confidence and ability to do yoga? Slipping and sliding is a real bugbear for many. It makes you lose focus, slip out of pose and have less confidence in your ability or willingness to try new poses. Not only that, but it can be downright dangerous. Accidents can happen when mats slip out of place. Injuries can result.

It was always clear to Yogi-Bare founder, Kat, a practising Yogi, that yoga could AND should be hugely beneficial to the nation’s mental health. There’s no better illustration of this than the stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19. Yoga’s a fantastic tool that can be used to combat these issues and promote health, relaxation and anxiety management. And it’s freely available to everyone and can be done at home. Aware of this fact, Kat’s made it her mission to make the practise more accessible to everyone. Forget yoga snobbery, think down to earth solutions.

She realised early on that issues like slippage could be easily rectified by non-slip technology. So, Kat went out and designed an entire range of innovative non-slip yoga mats. Her dedication to making a high-performance non-slip yoga mat exudes confidence. It’s an intelligent product, of the highest quality, absolutely fit for purpose and tried, tested and designed with users in mind.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Yoga Mats

Something else that was very important to Kat was to create something eco-friendly and sustainable. Consequently, Yogi Bare mats are made of biodegradable, natural rubber. Kat and her team have gone to great lengths to ensure these mats are manufactured in line with their mission. They’ve also teamed up with a fantastic initiative at Moy Tree Farm to support their Project Hometree. Through the Wild Paws non slip yoga mat, a tree is planted for each mat sold. Check out the brilliant design, with its own nod to mother nature including trees, swallows and fauna. 

That’s not all, although Kat wanted to make her yoga mats practical, she made them fun too! You only have to look at the designs to see these mats have serious personalities. The various designs cater to everyone’s tastes and to different mood-sets. If you want refined elegance, opt for a Paws or Wild Paws mat. Alternatively, the Tropical Teddy Mat is perfect for yoga on the move, when you travel and holiday time. Or if you love the idea of being part of the wider universe and the perspective this gives us, check out the Cosmic Teddy Mat?

Benefits of Yogi Bare Non-Slip Yoga Mats

These mats are so well-thought out, even the attractive design is laser engraved to avoid the use of anything toxic. It’s a high-performance non-slip yoga mat, providing superb grip and a 4mm thickness. This supports the impact on ankles, wrists and knees. By using a Yogi-Bare non-slip yoga mat, expect:

  • No slipping or sliding
  • Greater confidence in pose
  • More willingness to try new poses
  • Joint support
  • Improved flow
  • Improved balance
  • Stronger poses
  • Increased focus on pose and breathing
  • Less likelihood of injury

Maintaining Your Yogi Bare Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Paws and Wild Paws mats are so easy to maintain. Just remember not to fold them. Clean them once a week or as needed if you’ve done some sweaty exercise. Simply, wipe down with warm water diluted with some fresh lemon juice. This cleans away any built-up oils, leaving these long-lasting mats in pristine condition.  Washing up liquid or essential oils should never be used to clean them though. Teddy mats

take convenience one step further. You can put these on a quick wash in the washing machine at 30-40 degrees with a small amount of detergent. After that, hang them up to dry and store them out of the way of direct sunlight.

Yogi Bare non-slip yoga mats bring the future forward. They offer non-slip technology, practicality, accessibility and versatility. Whether it's Hatha Yoga, Hot Bikram Yoga, Pilates, relaxation or stretches after a run or the gym, these are your indisputable go-to mats.

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