Yogi Bare Unveils Revolutionary Ever Grip™ Technology and Four Stunning New Designs

Yogi Bare Unveils Revolutionary Ever Grip™ Technology and Four Stunning New Designs

Yogi Bare, a leading innovator in the yoga industry and trusted provider of yoga mats to the UK’s leading studios and the high street, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest ground-breaking innovation – the Ever Grip™ Technology. 
Redefining the landscape of yoga mats, Ever Grip™ delivers enhanced grip, increased durability, and a stain-free surface, taking the yoga experience to new heights. Alongside this technology, Yogi Bare introduces colour ways inspired by the latest interior design trends, with a striped back minimalist design facilitate and support all forms of movement, not just yoga. 

Ever Grip™ Technology: More Than a Mat, It's Possibility Yogi Bare's Ever Grip™ Technology is a game-changer, offering more grip, more durability, a sweat stain free surface and easy cleaning. This innovation goes beyond being just an upgrade; it's a transformative experience for every yogi. The eco-conscious Paws mats have been revolutionised to provide an ultra-grip that has never been experienced before. 
Key Features: 
  • Enhanced Grip: Unparalleled support for a more confident practice. 
  • Easy to Clean: Hassle-free maintenance for a hygienic practice. 
  • Anti-sweat stain surface: Reduces the appearance of unsightly sweat stains 
  • Durable and Longer Lasting: Crafted to withstand the rigors of daily practice. 
  • 4mm Professional Support: Optimal thickness for comfort and joint protection. 
  • Minimalist Alignment and Orientation Design: Facilitates movement for all yoga styles. 
  • Symbols of Serenity and Affirming Reminders: Elevate your practice mentally and physically. Available in brand new interiors trend inspired colour ways: WARM SAND, DESERT ROSE, WILD FORREST GREEN, MIDNIGHT BLACK and come with a FREE Yoga Mat bag via the Yogi Bare website. 
Kat Pither, Founder of Yogi Bare, Shares Insight on the Ever Grip™ Mats: 
“Because I knew that innovation was still possible. I knew that the Yoga mat industry could still go further. Through years of relentless innovation, we believe we've achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the yoga and sports market. We attentively listened to the needs of our community, and the result is a mat that truly outperforms every rubber mat I've ever encountered in grip but does not mark. As the world shifts away from dogmatic practices towards movement as a lifestyle our new design reflects this. Yogi Bare is setting a new standard for what practitioners can expect from their movement mat. ” 
Pre-Order Information: 
The Ever Grip™ mats, available in the new designs, will be available for pre-order starting March 6th via the website www.yogi-bare.com. Deliveries are set to commence during the week of March 25th. Each mat retails at £80 inc FREE Yoga Mat bag. High-resolution images can be found via this link. 

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