1) How do I clean this mat?
See our Cleaning Guide.
2) What is this mat made from?
Eco Natural PU Rubber. Laser Cut Design.

3) How eco friendly is this mat?
It is created from 100% natural PU rubber which is biodegradable and
recyclable .
4) Is it slippery?
Noway! Paws down super grippy!. Better still its fully
supportive and comes in 4mm thickness or a lighter 2mm version for travel.

5) What type of Yogi is this mat best for?
PAWS is the ultimate Yoga mat for everybody and every body. It will
support you. It won’t ever let you down. Meet your new

6) How do I clean this mat?

See our Cleaning guide here
7) What is this mat made from?
100% natural recyclable tree rubber base and microfiber (VEGAN) suede
top layer.
8) How eco friendly is this mat?
The natural rubber is biodegradable, recyclable. It is also free from silicone, toxic
glue, and phthalates
9) Is it slippery?
TEDDY’s silky softness may be new if this is your first encounter with a
Teddy Mat but it allows for a deeper muscle engagement and connection
in your practice. Truly embodying the softness in your strength.
10) What type of Yogi is this mat best for?
Our Teddy mats are a hybrid of Yoga Mat and Towel. As hot yoga teachers
ourselves we wanted to create an all in one product that actually gets
more grippy with sweat and practice – usually more sweat = more slip!
The fun and stylish prints, lightweight nature and easy clean make this
the perfect mat for travel, hot yoga or exercise.

1) How do I clean this mat?
See our Cleaning guide here
2) What is this mat made from?
TPE, one of Greenpeace’s non toxic, eco materials. TPE (thermoplastic
elastomer) foam is a non-toxic plastic that can be melted down easily for
reuse (unlike PVC).  It contains no phthalates or heavy metals and has food
grade skin safety.

3) How eco friendly is this mat?
It is 100% recyclable and created from a Greenpeace verified eco
4) Is it slippery?
It is non slip and breathable with the honey comb air holes.
5) What type of Yogi is this mat best for?
Yogi Bare necessities is our most basic offering to the Yogi Bare to ensure
we are offering a fully inclusive and accessible range to suit those just
dipping their toe into the world of Yoga.

1) Do your products come with guides or tutorials?

The Yoga Wheels and Acupressure Mats come with an information PDF.
Our magical friend Cat Meffan offers a Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel Tutorial
here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cZlOj5KqVs&t=325s
2) Do you deliver world wide?
Yes we do! Shipping is calculated at checkout.
3) Do you offer wholesale?
Nothing makes us happier than a sea of happy yogi’s practicing on our
products. Please get in touch barepack@yogi-bare.co.uk for wholesale and
stockist prices.

4) Do you offer discounts?
We love any excuse to celebrate and throw a discount party. Please
follow our social media @yogi.bare for regular discounts and giveaways.

1) Do you sponsor Yoga Challenges?
We love to support our yogi tribe. We get a lot of requests for sponsorship
and as much as we would love to say yes to everyone this often depends
on our stock levels and how engaged you are with Yogi Bare prior to
request, after all yoga is all about real connection! Unfortunately our challenge schedule in full until Autumn 2018.