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Growing a greener future.

Yogi Bare could not exist without the incredible people who manufacture our products and it would be against our personal and professional ethics to not ensure the entire process is in line with our mission. We have an incredibly close relationship with our factory. Our factory is located in China which enables us to supply globally.

Our team has spent time with factory and makers, not just to personally express our gratitude and work with them on the latest material and yoga innovations but we wanted to approve the high working conditions in person. We took this one step further with employing a member of the Yogi Bare team (Hi Helena!) based in China who works personally within the factory testing quality control and standards all year round. Third party audits occur regularly for welfare, safety and product safety. This is a long-standing working relationship and one we are proud to grow together. Our team and factory receive fair pay, work in a highly ethical, safe and happy environment.

We are committed to innovation and continuously striving to evolve to being more environmentally friendly – from product to packaging to freight.

We are making conscious choices daily to reduce waste, plastic, pollution and better material choices and manufacturing choices. We reuse all our packaging.

However as we have grown since our beginnings it has become clear that world of sustainability is not as transparent or clear as it may seem. When we started Yogi Bare in 2016 we started with the knowledge that was available and served to us. As we have matured as a company and as people, fear for the future of the planet has only grown. It has become evident that there is a need for honesty with the Yoga product world. This has led us to reassess our range, materials and our purpose. We do not wish to create products without purpose. Deeper still our investigations have shown that the sustainable case for rubber may not be as straight forward as it seems and this is something we will be committing our resources and time to and is the most important factor in our 3 year business plan. In March 2021 we will be launching our transparent sustainability diary. It will be a continuous open and honest account of all we are doing to be the best most sustainable company we can be as we educate ourselves and our customers. Completely opening our doors and sharing the journey.

We believe that protecting the environment also begins in mental health and education.