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Yogi Bare is the next breed of Yoga Company. Unique, Eco Conscious, Creative. This is yoga as nature intended.
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At Yogi Bare, your soul mat is waiting for you. It's as dedicated to you as you are to your practice.
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The Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel is a must have for advances and beginner Yogis to deepen your practice and confidence. Classic or Universe - what will you choose?
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The next breed of Yoga mats and Yoga Props. We are designed for Yogi's by Yogi's, so we know what really matters to you: style, function, with an eco conscious message at heart. Dare to be a Yogi Bare.

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Frequently Asked Question #5

I’m not (Insert here) flexible/young/fit/good enough?

Woah! Stop! Lets put those worries into relaxation pose! It is so important to know that you are enough! Come as you are, leave your fears behind and know that wherever you are today is exactly where you are supposed to be. The transformation is in the journey, understanding its all a process with no competitive end goal. Of course your first class you might have negative self talk but in my class we really focus on letting that go and just feeling confident and proud of the fact you are in a yoga class, looking after your body – how cool is that!

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