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Yogi Bare is the next breed of Yoga Company. Unique, Eco Conscious, Creative. This is yoga as nature intended.
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At Yogi Bare, your soul mat is waiting for you. It's as dedicated to you as you are to your practice.
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The Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel is a must have for advances and beginner Yogis to deepen your practice and confidence. Classic or Universe - what will you choose?
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The next breed of Yoga mats and Yoga Props. We are designed for Yogi's by Yogi's, so we know what really matters to you: style, function, with an eco conscious message at heart. Dare to be a Yogi Bare.

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Frequently Asked Question #6

What is Reggae or Hip Hop Yoga?

These curious little fusions of Yogi Bare passions and traditional Yoga may sound odd but have been thoughtfully planned: Reggae translates as body feeling and raggedy rhythm, which perfectly embodies the practice of yoga. You learn to understand, feel and work with your body, exploring your parameters in a rhythmic way. Hip Hop Yoga, say what? Shaking you asana to old skool beats might not sound very Yogic but in the words of NWA you've gotta "Express yourself". I fell in love with Yoga because it helped ease acute anxiety and rediscover my sense of self, just as many of artists find a similar route through their hip hop. Yes the lyrics can be harsh and dark, but life can also be explicit. Wisdom can come in many different forms so the playlist might take you deeper and pose new questions to you .. but also movement inspires body awareness and confidence so you can lose yourself in a heavy beat. Hip Hop Yoga is by no means a disrespect to traditional yoga, something I feel very strongly about, but if I can combine two passions and maybe get Yoga to some new people I will be serving the practice. I believe in both the Deepak and the Tupac.

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