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Drop The Pressure

Step into the realm of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our "Drop The Pressure" Acupressure Masterclass. Immerse yourself in a journey that blends the ancient wisdom of acupressure with modern self-care techniques. Acupressure fully releases muscle and mental tension resulting in faster recovery, better sleep and supports anxious humans. This is next level self-care, a melody of pressure release, gentle movement, meditation and breath set to scent and sound. Get ready to restore like never before … and then take home your own acupressure set so you can go again and again.

Got Your Back

Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of yoga with the "Got Your Back" Yoga Wheel Masterclass by Yogi Bare. This dynamic session is centered around the yoga wheel—a versatile tool that empowers your practice with strength, flexibility, and balance. Explore invigorating postures, master the art of precision rolling, and unlock new dimensions in your poses. From a warming introduction to empowering balancing challenges, this class guides you on a path of empowerment. Elevate your practice, discover your potential, and evolve beyond the mat with your very own yoga wheel.

Props Playground

Get ready to transform your yoga practice using props like blocks and straps. Imagine these props as your buddies, helping you try new things on your yoga mat. Our experienced guide will show you how to use these props to feel more supported and try different poses in a fun way. This class is all about getting stronger, moving better, and feeling great. You'll see how blocks and straps can make your yoga practice even more awesome. Join us in the Props Playground and let the props boost your practice and make your yoga journey even more exciting!

Got your Back!
Drop The Pressure!
Props Playground!

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