Q&A with founder of luxury, biotechnology skincare brand Romilly Wilde. Susie Willis

Q&A with founder of luxury, biotechnology skincare brand Romilly Wilde. Susie Willis

What is your background? and what sparked your passion to create Romilly Wilde? My background is in wellness and nutrition and I felt compelled to launch a biomimetic and biotech skincare brand as I knew that new technologies were more sustainable and efficacious.

Can you share your personal skincare routine and your number one tip for achieving radiant skin? I use the end-to-end range of our biotech skincare system. However with the Light+Energy Serum Cleanser, I leave it on as a mask at the end of the day as it is super nourishing.  I also add the Active Boost Face Oil to our Advanced Supercell Serum and the Bio-retinol Night Duty Face Cream. This helps to supplement my skin during the winter months or when I feel that my skin needs that little bit more support.

In the realm of wellness, what are your three must-have items? Mushroom Powders (especially Chaga), Apple Cider Vinegar and Vinyasa Yoga every morning.
What’s one typical thing you see people doing wrong when it comes to skincare (e.g. not cleansing, using harsh products, over-exfoliating?) Strong exfoliating products, too much retinol and switching from brand to brand due to impatience.

If you could offer a piece of advice to your younger self regarding health, wellness and skincare what would it be?  Only drink alcohol at weekends and then moderately, eat more greens at the beginning of your meals to help digest and metabolise any carbohydrates, and make an effort to be stronger and fitter physically. Having a strong and flexible body is something to be proud of. You look good, feel amazing and more importantly, helps any age related degeneration. The more you move the more likely you are to avoid injury.

Does the Romilly Wilde brand reflect aspects of your personality, and if so, how? Absolutely. I live vicariously through the amazing personality of our hero persona. She is vibrant, brave, romantic and rebellious and never compares herself to anyone. She reflects individuality, courage and energy.

Could you share a moment, whether in your career or personal life, that you consider your proudest achievement?  This is going to sound very smug but there have been a few. My children No 1. Being brave enough to say ‘no’ but always with kindness, and this brand. Romilly Wilde honestly has been the most joyful and challenging of businesses, but I enjoy every day.

What Time Does Your Day Start And How Do You Start It? I start my day at 6.30 and go to a Vinyasa Yoga class or Pilates class. I love a class environment as it makes me more likely to try hard and complete every movement with precision and strength. I am quite competitive (typical Aquarian) so I do like to be good at all things physical and set the bar quite high.

What does the future of skincare look like? Biotechnology, Biomimetic, Science and Substantiation. This has been our endeavour since conception, but the world is waking up to these clean technologies, sustainable and efficacious.

What is your daily dose of wellness? My plethora of su
pplements, Apple Cider Vinegar in sparkling water throughout the day and nuts.  Lots of nuts.
How do you personally define beauty, and how does Romilly Wilde contribute to that definition? We don’t tend to use the word beauty because that is the industry, not the purpose. Our purpose is to innovate and elevate skin care in a truly modern and relevant way.

As someone deeply involved in both health and wellness, what practices or rituals do you incorporate into your daily routine to maintain a healthy work-life balance? Yoga, healthy diet and positive mind. Also I try to work from my Somerset home on Mondays and Fridays, so I can be with my dogs, take a walk in nature and get away from city life.

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