What to Wear to a Hot Yoga Class

Now that your local leisure centres and gyms are reopening, it might be that time again... you guessed it, hot yoga time - whether it's Bikram Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga! Don't get us wrong; hot yoga is not for the faint-hearted. If this is your first time going, you may have no idea what to expect and be wondering 'what on earth do I wear to a hot yoga class?.'

With each class being hosted in extremely heated rooms, it is crucial to have appropriate yoga wear to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Have no fear of hot yogi bears, read on for your essential guide on what to wear to a hot yoga class.

What is Hot Yoga? 

This type of yoga is practiced in a room that is heated 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. The reason behind practicing in such heat is to loosen your muscles while moving your body into different poses and asanas. It is also supposed to increase perspiration. There are various levels of hot yoga; Vinyasa Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga and each level is engaging to people for various reasons - so it's good to know these before attending.

How Long Is A Hot Yoga Class? 

A standard hot yoga class lasts about an hour and a half (according to Livestrong). Now you might be thinking that's a very long time for any workout, but especially for one that takes place in a room, that's over 30 degrees! As sweaty as it sounds, hot yoga provides many health benefits, it's so much fun and completely worth it.

What Should You Wear to Hot Yoga? 

When choosing what to wear to a hot yoga class, it is best to think of the phrase 'less is more'. It can be challenging to feel comfortable, let alone move around in layers of damp, sweaty clothing. 

Activewear: Sports Bra and Yoga Bottoms

At Yogi Bare, we recommend particular features to look for in your hot yoga activewear such as sports bra, yoga pants and shorts. These should be eco-friendly, breathable, quick-drying and stylish. 

This is why we particularly love activewear brand The Girlfriend Collective at The Sports Edit. From the unique fabric made out of recycled water bottles, the socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing AND the luxurious soft-touch, The Girlfriend Collective's activewear is perfect for any yogi bear, whether you're a beginner or a yoga addict.

We recommend their newest, lightweight LITE leggings, which are excellent for super sweaty activities such as hot yoga. They are made of recycled fishing nets, which account for 46% of all ocean plastic, and the size range runs from XXS to 6XL in leggings and XS to 3XL in bras - sustainable and all-inclusive. Check them out here.

What Else to Bring to Hot Yoga

Yoga Mat

Our Teddy Mats are a hybrid of Yoga Mat and Towel. As hot yoga teachers ourselves, we wanted to create an all in one product that gets more grippy with sweat and practice – usually more sweat = more slip! The fun and stylish prints, lightweight nature and easy clean make this the perfect mat to take to your next hot yoga class. Explore the range here



Make sure to keep hydrated during hot yoga and bring a full water bottle to class. Drinking water is vital for any workout, but because of the amount of water you'll lose through sweat, staying hydrated is even more important for those hot yoga classes. 

Don't forget your Yoga Towel and a Change Of Clothes too!

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