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What Does Your Yoga Practice Mean To You?

For some people, yoga is simply a way of relaxation or getting their body to move. For others, yoga has helped them overcome something they were struggling with and yoga has been an important part of their healing process. Whatever your journey has been, it’s likely that you have benefited from your daily or weekly yoga practices in one way or another. Or perhaps you are thinking of getting started with yoga because you have heard it can help you mentally and physically, but you don’t know where to start. Keep reading if you’re curious about other people’s experiences with yoga and how it has helped them overcome something, including Yogi Bare’s founder Kat. 

What can yoga help with?

When you think of yoga, it’s very likely that a few poses come to mind immediately. But yoga is more than just a tree pose or a downward dog, it’s much more about healing internally. If you’re struggling with mental health, trauma or grief, yoga has actually proven to help some to do better. Of course, it’s a process and nothing comes easy, but when practiced regularly and with full devotion, yoga can work wonders for your wellbeing. But don’t underestimate the physical benefits of yoga either, because practicing yoga has proven to help with flexibility, muscle strength, balance, weight loss, and injury prevention. 

How yoga has helped Yogi Bare founder Kat

Our wonderful founder Kat Pither has spoken about this many times before but she’ll happily say it again: yoga saved her. When Kat was in rehab struggling with acute anxiety, PTSD and addiction, she was introduced to the magic world of yoga. And that is exactly what it felt like for Kat: like magic. To her, yoga is more than just a pose, it’s a feeling. It helped Kat to overcome her demons over time and she has never stopped practicing yoga ever since. It has become a way of life for her, without pushing herself to practice if she doesn’t want to because at all times it should be done to help herself, not to punish herself.

Kat Pither

When Kat trained as a yoga teacher, she noticed there was a resistance to the idea of yoga being something only people who looked a certain way could practice it. People were often worried they weren’t flexible enough when all yoga should be about is fun, magic and delight. With that idea in mind, she founded Yogi Bare to make yoga accessible for everybody and every body. And what a journey it has been since then…

Get started with yoga today

With a community on Instagram of over 46,000 lovely souls, we hear about the benefits of yoga every single day. Over the years, we have spoken to hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people who have been healed by practicing yoga in some way. We can understand that you’re curious about what yoga can do for you and frankly, we don’t blame you. If you’re thinking about getting started with yoga, it’s simply a matter of doing it! Buy yourself a yoga mat, book that first class and overcome your fears. Don’t forget that everybody started somewhere and your journey with yoga may start today. In general, a yoga class is a safe space to practice, fail and get back up again. There is no shame, there is no comparison, it’s about how you feel

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