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Yoga For Your Star Sign: Which Pose Is Best For You?

Posted by James Oakley on

Yoga encompasses so many different disciplines. It can be fast-moving or slow-paced, high intensity or conversely, meditative. And depending on your personality and traits, you’ll probably feel more drawn to a certain type of yoga. ...

Why Yoga Alignment Is So Important

Posted by James Oakley on

Being aligned means that all of your body parts are in the right position, working optimally. It sounds an easy concept, but more often than not, our bodies are not properly aligned. Aches, pains, weaker...

What Is Yin Yoga And How Can I Do It At Home?

Posted by James Oakley on

You’re probably heard about yin and yang, the theory that there are interconnected, interdependent, and complementary forces at work throughout the universe. You can often see this at work in the world around us. Think...

Yoga Mats For All Levels: Beginners to Professional

Posted by James Oakley on

Whether you’re a yoga newbie or a devoted yogi, the best yoga mat will aid your asanas and enhance your practise. A grippy yoga mat will also prevent slipping and sliding, improve your balance, support...

What Should You Wear To A Yoga Class?

Posted by James Oakley on

Starting a new class in any discipline can be nerve-wracking, without the added stress of what to wear. Social media platforms don’t exactly help because let’s be honest, the pictures of stick-thin women parading around...

6 Yoga Poses To Help You Welcome In Summer 2021

Posted by James Oakley on

After what feels like forever in a lockdown, there are burgeoning signs that Summer 2021 has arrived. Longer days, milder weather and trips to the beach can only come as a welcome relief. Hello sunshine...

6 Stretches To Get You Into The Splits In 4 Weeks

Posted by James Oakley on

Achieving the Full Split Pose can be the ultimate flex (excuse the pun!). It requires flexibility in your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings and hips, so it is no easy feat. Being able to do a...

7 Easy Poses for Yoga at Home

Posted by James Oakley on

The beauty of yoga is that it’s for everyone. Young, old, fit or unfit, limited movement and pregnancy. It doesn’t matter. You can do it anywhere with minimum fuss. So, grab yourself a mat and...

Why You Need a Non Slip Yoga Mat

Posted by James Oakley on

We’ve all been there. You know, the time when you’re mid-way through a yoga lesson. Looking down, you notice your palms are a little sweaty. As soon as the thought registers, Niagara Falls erupts. It’s...

Can Yoga Change Your DNA?

Posted by Katherine Pither on
The effects of Yoga Meditation and mindfulness on our DNA, health and stress.