Yoga For Your Star Sign: Which Pose Is Best For You?

Yoga For Your Star Sign: Which Pose Is Best For You?

Yoga encompasses so many different disciplines. It can be fast-moving or slow-paced, high intensity or conversely, meditative. And depending on your personality and traits, you’ll probably feel more drawn to a certain type of yoga. 

So how does this all fit in with your star sign? Well, of course, zodiac signs can reveal a lot about our internal motivations, strengths and weaknesses and characteristics. Not to mention that the twelve zodiac signs are meant to govern different regions of the body. Astrologers believe that tapping into the body part related to your star sign can benefit your body, mind, and spirit by harmonising them and keeping them more in balance. So how do you align yoga for zodiac signs?

Yoga For Your Star Sign

Make sure that you have your extra-grip Yogi Bare Yoga Mat at the ready for these universe-tapping star sign yoga poses.


Traits: Bold, hot-headed, courageous, passionate, impatient, impulsive, determined, ambitious

Yoga Pose: Warrior I

A strong, determined yoga pose that fits well with the Aries personality. Start from runner’s lunge position, bending into the right knee. Right toes are planted onto the mat and face forward, left toes at 45 degrees. Come into standing pose, keeping stomach drawn in, hips facing forward, and spine lengthened. Inhale and reach your fingertips up and overhead. 


Traits: Reliable, patient, hates big changes, stubborn, uncompromising, devoted, grounded

Yoga Pose: Tree 

A grounding pose for all Taureans to help you feel centred and steady. Press feet into the mat, spreading toes. Gaze ahead at a focal point. Then with hands on hips, raise right foot onto left thigh or shin and press into each other. Pelvis should be square on, facing forwards. Either keep arms by your side, stretch them overhead or place them on your heart.  


Traits: Gentle, affectionate, serious, nervous, indecisive, generous, imaginative, curious, sociable, fun

Yoga Pose: Happy Baby 

A gentle pose that will appeal to Gemini’s sense of fun. Lie on your back and as you exhale, bring knees into your belly. On the next exhale, grip the outsides of your feet with your hands. Open knees slightly and bring them towards your armpits. Ankles should position over each knee and shins should be perpendicular. You can flex and push your feet to create resistance and movement. 


Traits: Emotional, sensitive, takes on other people’s problems, compassionate, giving, forgives but doesn’t forget

Yoga Pose: Reclined Bound Angle

Yin Yoga, where you stay in pose for longer is perfect for releasing difficult emotions carried by sensitive Cancerians. Try the Reclined Bound Angle by laying on your back, arms to the side with fingers curled upwards. Bend knees and relax them out to each side (like having a smear test), pull feet closer to your trunk bringing the soles together.  


Traits: Charismatic, big personality, proud, ambitious, arrogant, self-centred, passionate, creative 

Yoga Pose: Headstand

For those ambitious Leo’s, it has to be the king of all yoga poses, the headstand. Read our blog ‘How to Master a Headstand in Two Weeks’ and follow the advice there before you even think about attempting this advanced and challenging one. It’s not for the faint-hearted but the sense of achievement when you nail it will be incredible. Do avoid this pose if you’ve got a neck or back injury.



Traits: loyal, kind, hardworking, shy, worrier, focused, smart, sophisticated, friend for life

Yoga Pose: Easy 

For shy Virgos, begin your yoga journey with the hip-opening, Easy Pose. Essentially, this is a comfortable, cross-legged position. Keep knees below your hips and use a folded towel, firm cushion, or alternatively a thin block under your bottom to help this happen. 


Traits: Romantic, diplomatic, fair, doesn’t like confrontation, bears grudges, intelligent, artistic

Yoga Pose: Base Test I (Acro Yoga)

Combining yoga with acrobatics will appeal to artistic minded Virgos. You’ll need a partner though! Start off with this nice pose to ease into your routine and improve stability.

Base lies down on their back. Legs are vertical, with feet stacked over hips. If you’re much taller than your flyer, try bending your knees, otherwise they may find it difficult to reach.

Flyer crosses their forearms, rests them onto the base's feet, pressing down. Hold for a few breaths. 


Traits: Independent, passionate, private, powerful presence, mysterious, authentic, strong opinions

Yoga Pose: One Legged Downward Facing Dog

A strong, proud pose for Scorpios that like to make their presence known. From the inverted Downward Dog where the spine and legs create a triangle shape, straighten one of your legs, pointing upwards through your toes. Hold for 3 breaths.


Traits: Creative, humorous, generous, no filter, impatient, philosophical, adventurous, free-spirited

Yoga Pose: Half-seated Splits

An adventurous pose that will match the character of a free-spirited Sagittarian. Begin in a low lunge, right foot should be forward. Place hands on the outside of your foot to provide support. Then lower your left knee down to the ground. As you walk hands back, reach hips towards your left heel. Now gently lengthen your right leg. 


Traits: Traditional, disciplined, intelligent, hard-working, responsible, natural rule-follower, great managers

Yoga Pose: Lotus 

It’s the classic pose that often symbolises yoga and will appeal to tradition-loving Capricorns. Sit with your legs extended forwards. Now bring your right foot inwards, cradling foot and knee as you do for support and tuck it into the opposite hip crease. Do the same with the other foot. Tops of your feet should be resting against your upper thighs whilst knees should be released towards the floor. Lengthen the spine and feel your crown being pulled towards the ceiling.


Traits: Original, temperamental, doesn’t do ‘feelings’, often feels like an outcast, independent, humanitarian

Yoga Pose: Reverse Warrior

Aquarians like to be original and non-conformist so why not go for a slightly ‘different’ warrior pose in this case. This side-opening stretch begins in Warrior II with the right knee bent. Turn your right-hand palm to face the ceiling. On the next inhale, lift your right arm up towards the ceiling. Simultaneously lower the left hand so that it slides down the left leg. Lift your chest as you come into a gentle backbend. If you can, look up towards your raised hand or back foot, if more comfortable.


Traits: Compassionate, creative, artistic, strong gut reactions, sensitive, imaginative, likes alone time

Yoga Pose: Thunderbolt (Seiza) 

A lovely meditative pose for Pisces that are looking for some time alone. Kneel on your mat with your feet tucked under your bottom. All you need to do now is rest your hands in your lap, keep eyes closed and inhale slowly and deeply for as long as you want. Savour the peace and quiet!

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