Gemma Harrison
What would you say is your ‘Why/Y’? 
I worked in luxury fashion as a designer for around 12 years. I was slowly falling out of love with what I was doing and was riding and tinkering with motorcycles with my friends in my spare time. We put out a post on Instagram to see if there were any other women who wanted to ride after not finding many others to ride with at the time and we were inundated with requests for help, so we started teaching women to ride.. I realised motorcycles and riding and teaching other women to ride was a lot more fulfilling than my day job. I was totally stressed out and loosing faith in the industry that I had wanted to be in so much for so long and so I took the dive and decided to follow what I loved and quit my career so see where it would all take me. I never looked back. 
When was the moment you realised you’d ‘B/Become’ it?
I don't think there was ever really a point I thought I'd become "it" but having a life that makes me happy and feel content supported by doing what I love doing is maybe "it". :)
How do you keep your ‘Y’ fresh and inspired?
Hanging out with my family, friends, travelling and riding my motorcycle are the things that inspire me and make me happiest and I'm lucky that my job means that I get to do all of these things usually at the same time. 
What activities/hobbies led you to your ‘Y’?
Learning to ride motorcycles was a small decision that I never realised would take over my life. Its now the way I work, the way I take time out and the way I spend time with those most important to me. 
How has yoga/meditation helped in keeping you on track to be cool enough with yourself to follow your ‘y’?
I've been meditating for a few years now after starting when struggling with my mental health whist in a high stress career. Its taught me to try control things a little less and go with my gut feeling on things.  Riding my motorcycles is also a form of mediation for me as I find its one of the only places where you are forced to really just think about what you are doing and nothing else. Its amazing for your mental wellbeing. 
Do you feel like yoga/meditation are instrumental in your becoming - in what way?
Absolutely! Its taken me years to understand why mediation and taking time out for myself isn't something to feel guilty about. Meditation is the thing that makes me think clearer and feel a bit lighter. This then radiates into all of my life and work. 
What is the best piece of advice or words that made you just go for it and follow your dreams or keeps you inspired?
No matter how long you've been doing something you can always change. You've just got to be brave enough. Also doing something that scares you or that you didn't think you could do is the best medicine there is. 
What are your favourite books/podcasts to keep you inspired?
I love books about amazing points in time and the people who experienced them. Usually musicians and bands... I'm not sure why. Right now I'm reading Peter Hooks autobiography Substance about his time in New Order. Reading about peoples amazing experiences in time reminds me to appreciate everything I experience every day as you only get that time once.
What has finding your ‘Y’ (Purpose) brought to your life?
              Family, friends and adventure. 



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