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Yoga And Pregnancy, Everything You Need To Know

Posted by James Oakley on

Pregnancy might be one of those times when you just want to put your feet up, but it’s good to maintain some level of exercise. Yoga’s a great choice for pregnant mums because it’s low...

What Is Yin Yoga And How Can I Do It At Home?

Posted by James Oakley on

You’re probably heard about yin and yang, the theory that there are interconnected, interdependent, and complementary forces at work throughout the universe. You can often see this at work in the world around us. Think...

Finally Going Places? Take A Travel Yoga Mat

Posted by James Oakley on

At long last, we’re all finally moving again! And I don’t mean from the sofa to the biscuit cupboard. The last year has been unbelievably hard in so many ways, the necessary restrictions enforcing us...

15 Minute Spring Morning Yoga Flow To Boost Your Energy

Posted by James Oakley on

After the much-maligned darkness of winter, there’s nothing more heart-warming than the warmth of sunshine radiating down on us, nourishing us with essential Vitamin D and boosting our psychological health. And there’s no better way...

7 Easy Poses for Yoga at Home

Posted by James Oakley on

The beauty of yoga is that it’s for everyone. Young, old, fit or unfit, limited movement and pregnancy. It doesn’t matter. You can do it anywhere with minimum fuss. So, grab yourself a mat and...

Why You Need a Non Slip Yoga Mat

Posted by James Oakley on

We’ve all been there. You know, the time when you’re mid-way through a yoga lesson. Looking down, you notice your palms are a little sweaty. As soon as the thought registers, Niagara Falls erupts. It’s...

TIPS FOR A BEGINNER YOGI : HOW TO START YOGA (Spoiler you already have)

Posted by Katherine Pither on
Tips for a Beginner Yogi.