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Finally Going Places? Take A Travel Yoga Mat

At long last, we’re all finally moving again! And I don’t mean from the sofa to the biscuit cupboard. The last year has been unbelievably hard in so many ways, the necessary restrictions enforcing us to stay put have been a particularly difficult infringement to tolerate. It caused havoc to businesses, disrupted holidays and worst of all, prevented us from seeing our loved ones. 

Thankfully, the hard work seems to have paid off and as restrictions are easing, we’re venturing further afield, once more able to meet up with our friends and family and fully appreciating the true beauty of the English countryside.

Travel Yoga Mat

It feels liberating to once more have the freedom to move around the country again. That said, it can impact our life in other ways. We’ve all got used to a certain routine and having more time at home. Now, we’re much more likely to stay away from home for work purposes, plan overnight stays or weekends away and of course, staycations are back on too. 

If you’ve spent lockdown creating a yoga habit, you needn’t worry that your yoga routine will be disrupted. Sure, you may need to change the day, time, and place, but you can still do it! Rest assured that Yogi Bare has got your back covered so that your yoga won’t suffer. We’ve created the perfect yoga mat to facilitate your practise wherever you might be.

Yoga Mat to Take on Holiday

Any yoga devotee won’t want to forgo their practise during holiday-time. It’s such a wonderful form of exercise because you can do it alone, anywhere in the world. And you always feel better after yoga too. 

The great thing is that you only really need a yoga mat to get going. Its best to use one because slipping and sliding can be dangerous and is a common cause of injury. A non-slip yoga mat will put a stop to that and minimise any risk of an accident. Not only that, but it will also support your joints, balance, and posture. 

Our Teddy Mat is a wonderfully lightweight, high-performance non-slip yoga mat that can be transported literally anywhere. It can be used inside or outside, on any surface including floor, grass, or sand, whatever takes your fancy. After all, you’re on holiday. As they say, anything goes! This yoga mat offers expert grip ensuring you feel fully confident wherever you are practising your yoga. That makes it the ultimate must-have holiday yoga mat!

Lightweight Yoga Mat

The Teddy Mat is foldable into a small square so that you can put it into a bag or suitcase and is as light as a feather (well almost) at 1.5kg which makes it portable enough to take on holiday. So, whether it’s a staycation or vacation, this is the yoga mat to add to your packing list.

Yoga Mat to Take to Classes

We’re all a bit obsessed about not sharing germs at the moment and for good reason. Sharing yoga mats does have the potential for germs to be passed on, especially Plantar Warts, Athlete’s Foot, Cold and Flu as well as Covid-19. So, it’s a good idea to bring your own mat to group classes, negating the need to use one from the studio or health club. Even more reason to get a Teddy Mat!

Thinking more widely, because of its portability and supreme grip, you can use our Teddy Mat for any form of exercise including calisthenics, Pilates, abs workouts, stretching and if you’re brave enough, hot yoga.

How Does the Teddy Mat Work?

This exceptionally designed travel yoga mat incorporates a velvet microfiber surface that becomes very grippy under sweat and moisture. At the same time, the strong natural sustainable rubber base grips to the floor, preventing bunching up. 

The Teddy Mat comes in three attractive designs, which are just perfect for giving you a dose of inspiration and reminding you that exercise should feel fun and enjoyable. Choose from Tropical, Cosmic or Nevada.


How to Clean Your Teddy Mat

When you travel, you tend to pick up more grime, sweat  and germs and yoga mats, unfortunately, are not the exception. It’s therefore important to regularly clean and maintain your yoga mat. Thank goodness that the Teddy Mat is very easy to clean and bring back to its full glory. 

To give it a spruce up,  put the mat on a quick wash in your washing machine at 30/40 degrees with a small amount of detergent. To dry, hang it up and store it out of direct sunlight. It’s so super simple!

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