Relax Pre-Christmas Tension With This 10 Minute Acupressure Routine

Relax Pre-Christmas Tension With This 10 Minute Acupressure Routine

Here at Yogi Bare, we understand that Christmas can bring some unwanted tension and stress. Often, we are so focused on spreading the festive cheer that we can neglect that same cheer for ourselves. Neck, back pains, aches and discomfort arise, which is not ideal when you’re trying to enjoy your 10th re-run of your favourite Christmas film with your loved ones. 

Christmas time should be filled with relaxation and tension free moments with your very own bare pack, whether that's friends, family or both, it's the perfect time to give yourself a little TLC. To save yourself from waking up on Christmas morning with an un-bare-able (see what we did there?) neck ache, we have put together a ten minute acupressure routine to alleviate that pre-Christmas stress. 

How Does Acupressure Work? 

Accupressure mats are the up and coming way to de-stress and are an excellent way to elevate pains across a number of points in the body. These revolutionary mats are covered in hundreds of small plastic needle nubs. Delivering the perfect amount of pressure to the surface of the body, and providing the ultimate solution to any tensions. Often mistaken for the practice of acupuncture, the difference resides in the non invasive bed of needles that make up the mats. 

Tension And Stress at Christmas 

The festive season welcomes warmth and joy to end our year and there's nothing better than spending it with our closest loved ones. No matter your age the night before Christmas is always a magical one and seeing as acupressure mats are amazing for sleep, trying out the routine can work wonders for that all important Christmas hibernation. 

With the year coming to a close and we’re all getting ready to sing off before the last push before the Christmas break it can often be an overwhelming time. With present hunting, food prepping, family gathering and much more to prepare for it can often be an overwhelming time. Taking those 10 precious minutes to refocus the mind and zen the body can be just the thing for the busiest time of the year. 

If those tensions are rising and you’re feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day, why not give yourself a treat this Christmas and try out our acupressure collections for a little pick me up

Our 10 Minute Acupressure Routine

Using your Acupressure mat correctly and safely is always a must, not only to make sure you and your yogis are getting the best out of your mat but that we don't further add to those pesky aches.

To begin with we are starting with a simple but effective position that is guaranteed to melt away all the tensions and stressors on the body. Firstly, making sure you have enough space to do so, lie flat on your back with your acupressure mat and or pillow checking that the surface of the mat is even to the shoulders to the small of your back. 

Next, we have a position for those of you wanting to elevate your both the neck and shoulders, often where the body commonly holds tension the most. For this, we highly recommend using both your acupressure pillow and mat to get the most from this position. Adjusting from the previous step, place the pillow under the neck and level the mat with shoulders, pressure and contact points will need to be level with the curve of the neck. 

When hunting for Christmas presents it  can take a toll on the body. The long queues and bustling shops can mean tense and overwhelming situations, which can make  many of us subconsciously tense our jaws and faces. Typically, this goes  unnoticed until we’re back home. Luckily, we’ve got an acupressure solution for you that is the perfect way to round off this  routine. Start By either rolling your mat or using your pillow  similarly to your sleep set up , aligning the d neck on the curve to support the head. Switching sides after a few minutes with this simple maneuver eases off those tense muscles, providing the ultimate relaxation. 

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