Pride Month Spotlight: Follow and Learn From These Educators!

Pride Month Spotlight: Follow and Learn From These Educators!

In June, we celebrate Pride. We wave our rainbow flags high and shine the spotlight on everyone who makes the LGBTQ family. If Yoga translates as unity then united we stand – not just for Pride Month but forever. Today we wanted to share with you the purpose-driven educators which we urge you to check out, support, and learn from. 


  1. Alle King

The team here at Yogi Bare is proud to be friends with such an inspiring person, Alle King. Alle King is an activist, educator, and writer. On top of this, they also offer a Trans Affirming Yoga Educational Course, where attendees are encouraged to learn how to create affirming spaces for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. Alle King also documents their entire journey, whilst also offering informative lives and discussions. 



1. Rebby Kern

Rebby Kern truly embodies ahimsa in their work as the education policy director at Equality NYC. Equality NYC is the USA's oldest statewide organisation and is dedicated to the civil rights of LGBTQ people. Interweaving the importance of self-care and self-knowing, Rebby Kern was educated with both empowerment and kindness towards others and oneself. 


2. Daniel Sannito

Next up on our list is Daniel Sannito. Not only is Daniel Sannito a loving partner to Rebby Kern, but they are also a passionate yogi. The Yogi Bare team really enjoys their offerings of infusing the true nature of yogic philosophy with their work as gender equity educators. Both Rebby and Daniel show that self-care runs deeper than the way the movies portray it. They are yoga in action and show the power of self-care, self-knowledge, and education. 



 3. Puja Singh Titchkosky

Puja Singh Titchkosky is next up. They are vibrant, bold, and playful - just to name a few of the wonderful things that make up this amazing human. You can help fall in love with them and their style. From educational deep dives on lives, understanding the roots of yoga, and lots of Kirtan and music – they really bring yoga to life!


4. Trans Yoga Project

An invaluable resource and support we are so grateful that exists. The Trans Yoga Project is creating Trans* & queer-affirming wellness education & yoga classes as well as providing a truly safe and educational space. It’s vital to engage as an authentic yoga teacher and human on planet earth. 

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