If you go down to the woods today ...

If you go down to the woods today ...

If you go down to the woods today ...
You'll find a bunch of trees that YOU planted!
Did you know every Wild Paws sold plants a tree with Hometree in Ireland?
To date you have enable us to plan 1300 trees! How amazing is that? 
We cannot thank you enough. 
We chose to partner with Hometree as we were completely smitten with affection for Matt Smith and his ethos. When you meet someone so undeniably connected to care taking the earth and helping others you cannot help but be inspired.
The coolest thing about working with independent brands on a mission is you actually get to see the trees you planted!
(And get wonderful voice note updates from Matt on their growing progress)
We caught up with Matt between planting on the farm in Ireland for some short 'n' sweet words.
Can you explain a little more about Hometree – how it came to be and the work you do?
Hometree is charity that plants trees and connects people to nature, our motto is simple #moretreeplease and we work holistically to support all of nature in the place were we are planting, this often looks different, no patch of trees are planted in the same pattern, its goals are biodiversity, nature, and woodlands. Before founding Hometree I was a man of the sea and had lived sailing and surfing on boats for almost a decade and when on a short land trip surfing to Ireland, I reconnected with some old friends who were working with the land and each other that I hadn’t seen before. I was in. In a few short weeks my exterior purpose had shifted a lot. I was committed to the land for as long as it took for me to find the next mission. 
What happens to the produce the fruit trees make?
The trees were planted on moy hill farm CLG land and the fruit trees (only 300 out of 25000) will be managed by them, they will distribute in whatever way works for them. Their passion to regeneration in my opinion is unparralled in Ireland and we trust them 100%. 
Why did you choose this particular species?
We only plant native species, and most often the pioneer species like, Alder, Willow, Birch these trees are best suited to the lands we plant and can support the most about of natural life. 
You’re a pretty badass surfer – ive seen those videos! – why do you think the surfing community is so interlinked to sustainability?
Thanks, Surfing was my number 1 since I was 10 years old and so grateful that has supported me in so many of my life journeys, health, finance, religion, relationships. Surfing is so close to nature, were on the front line of the land and sea so we see things and feel them, and that awareness brings a shift its not so easy to explain in a heady way but its more a spirit commitment to all things natural. 
What has the growing and nurturing of trees taught you?
Hope,  Solutions to many challenges can be simpler that we think. When we have challenges (unmet needs) often we jump straight to strategy, and in this jump things can get very confusing.
When did you realise you could create magic by teaming up with businesses who share your values? How does it feel to connect with other enterprise on a mission?
Feeling of reassurance, hope, joy, excitement, open heartedness to connect with people who are sharing the idea of nature connection and hope for a healthier future is epic, who else would you want to be hanging out with. 
Your favourite tree fact.
"I love planting them”
One tip to help someone who is trying to be more sustainable.
Try being a vegetarian for a while. And meditate.
Your pledge for the future (I mean you are doing so much already buddy!!)
To Love, Serve and Remember
Find out more about Hometree here. 
Join the mission and see the Wild Paws here.

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