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How To Process Emotions Through Yoga?

Practising yoga can make you feel amazing.  It relaxes tension from your body and helps to ease any stress you may be feeling. Incorporating yoga into your life and jumping on the mat is a different way of life, it is a less stressful way of living, guiding you through life in the most calming way possible. 

Whilst the nature of yoga is soothing, it doesn’t mean you won’t struggle occasionally and find some practices more challenging. Sometimes, you may even want to give up and that last downward dog has your shoulders burning (we all know the feeling!)

But this is where yoga and emotions go hand-in-hand. It is about moving with your breathing and having it guide you through those tough moments and practising the art of gratitude will get you through almost anything.


Yoga Is More Than Just A Downward Dog

Yoga isn’t just about moving your body and acing the next big pose. It is all about aligning your mind, body, and spirit, where your breath anchors with your movements.

By consistently practising yoga, you will actively be practising the art of meditation through movement. This helps you to practice being in the moment and at one with yourself, because if you are thinking about work or something that is distracting you won’t be able to hold your plank with grace or fight the urge to push on for a few more seconds.

You simply have to be in the moment to focus and get the most out of your practice. These subtle changes will then filter into your everyday life and teach you how to process emotions.

When times get hard and you are being challenged, your limbic system is the part of the brain that’s responsible for your behavioural and emotional responses. If you are heightened or feeling negative, this reflects in your actions.

This is where you can take a step back, take a deep breath and gain some mental strength and clarity. If you can hold crow pose then you deal with that person who has been rude to you or a difficult situation at work.


Physical Movement Can Help You Work Through Your Emotions

Yoga teaches you to be aware of changes in your body, how to hold your body, lengthen your back and roll your shoulders back with your head held high.

You will become aware of these little changes as you are walking around your house or up a flight of stairs.

When you get on the mat and all of this is second nature, you can start to focus on the physical side of yoga. You can progress through the poses and when things become challenging, it can bring out negative emotions.

This is not something to run or shy away from. Emotions need to move through the body and be expressed, otherwise, they can stay stagnant and fester.

Show yourself some care and move through your emotions, drop out of your bridge pose, or pigeon, feel the emotion and try again but with kindness and grace.


How To Feel Relaxed Through Yoga?

Yoga helps to release tension in every aspect of your life. Some days you may want a restorative, slow Hatha practice where you sit in poses for a period of time and feel a slow burn and have the time to be at one with your thoughts.

On other days you may want to feel the burn and have a fast flow. Working up a sweat and pushing your muscles.

Just stepping on the mat is a great way to have a moment to yourself, to work through the events of the day but also to completely switch off and just focus on yourself and your mat

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