5 Ways To Relax & Recover After Your Yoga Routine

5 Ways To Relax & Recover After Your Yoga Routine

Let’s say you’re a beginner yogi and you’ve been practising yoga more regularly recently. This could have an effect on your body as it is performing poses that it’s not familiar with yet. Flexibility is a big part of yoga, but don’t underestimate how much strength it can actually cost as well. Practising yoga on a regular basis can help you to build muscle and that means you may feel sore after a yoga session. In this article, we’re going to run you through 5 of our favourite ways to relax and recover our muscles after an intense yoga routine.

1.  Stretch it out

If there’s one thing important to do after any workout routine, it’s stretching. Of course, with yoga this may be slightly different as we’re doing through our routine, we are naturally  stretching our bodies in lots of ways.. However, it’s still important to have a proper warm up and cool down before rolling up your yoga mat and cracking on with your day (or evening). Especially if you’ve practised hot yoga or any routine that has made your heart rate go up, take some time to unwind and stretch out those muscles. Your body will love you for it!

2. Take A Hot Bath Or Shower

After working out, taking a hot bath or shower can be beneficial for your muscles. Whilst it may be necessary to jump in the shower because you’re sweaty, it also helps to increase your blood flow, stimulate healing and relax your muscles. Heat therapy is extremely useful if you regularly practise yoga and we definitely recommend blessing your sore muscles with hot water. To relax your body and mind even more, it can be beneficial to use a bath or shower oil for pure relaxation. It will give the bath a calming aroma which will leave you feeling refreshed, but it also helps to relax your mind as well.. An absolute favourite of ours, that’s for sure!

3. Light Some Candles

If you’re someone who prefers to practise yoga in the evening, we recommend lighting candles throughout or after your session. It can actually help to set the mood during your workout and get you in that relaxed mood. After your workout and possibly even after a shower, we always love to light some candles in the room, grab our favourite book and fully rewind after a long, stressful day at work. It’s the best way to get your mind off everything!

4. Muscle Relief Balms

After a workout, your muscles probably feel tired and perhaps, you even have sore muscles the next day. To relieve your muscles and to make sure they recover well, we recommend using a Muscle Relief Balm that helps to alleviate sore, tired or achy muscles whilst also relieving & soothing your skin. By massaging the balm into your skin after a good workout, you’ll experience a big relief of tension in your muscles. Not only is that a great feeling, but it’s also beneficial if you want to practise yoga more regularly. Doing a yoga flow with sore muscles is usually not the best way to go.

5. Wind Down With Herbal Teas

Lastly, it’s important to fuel our bodies by eating and drinking well. During your yoga flow, it’s crucial to drink enough water and keep your body hydrated. Health experts recommend drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, whether that’s straight from the tap or in a heated form, because we all know we love a cup of tea. Enjoy herbal tea after a long yoga session to relax even more. These wellness teas with super herbs can help to balance stress, support a healthy immune system, or help you to sleep better. The benefits are endless and we are definitely keeping this ritual in our post-yoga routine.

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