3 Yoga Positions Perfect For A Non Slip Yoga Mat

3 Yoga Positions Perfect For A Non Slip Yoga Mat

Having a yoga mat that slips and slides across the floor can really hold you back from achieving your yoga goals. Here at Yogi Bare, we understand this, and have designed a range of ultra grippy yoga mats so you can spend more time perfecting your poses, and less time worrying about sliding off your mat!

Which Yoga Mat Has The Best Grip?

The Extreme Grip Yoga Mat Collection from Yogi Bare consists of 7 super sturdy yoga mats to keep you grounded throughout your workout. All of these mats are made from sustainably sourced natural rubber, we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate yoga mats, using only environmentally friendly materials, so you can practise yoga in style, whilst also protecting the planet. 

For even more support you could try the Enhanced Grip Longer And Wider Yoga Mat. This mat has been designed with added length and width so you can feel confident and secure, there’s no slipping and sliding on this mat!


Extreme Grip Yogi Bare Yoga Mat

Which Yoga Positions Are Best For Non-Slip Yoga Mats?

When buying a non-slip yoga mat you are also buying the reassurance that you’ll be able to master yoga poses that require balance.

Balancing poses often rely on a non-slip yoga mat to keep you firm on the ground. Here are our top 3 balancing yoga poses for you to try!

#1 Tree Pose

  • Press your right foot into the ground.
  • Rise onto the tiptoes of your left foot. Transfer your weight from both feet to just one foot.
  • Bring your left knee up and hold it with both hands.
  • With your left hand, pull your knee outwards. Your foot should rest either above or below the knee joint.
  • Rest your foot on the inside of your thigh. Push your thigh against the heel. It’ll feel like two forces pushing against each other, giving your hips a great stretch.
  • Keep your hips pointing forward. Only your knee should point to the side.
  • Position your hands into the prayer pose and relax your shoulders. 

#2 Downward Facing Dog

  • Start on all fours on the floor.
  • Push gently onto your toes as you lift your hips and straighten your knees. If this is challenging, keep a slight bend at your knees.
  • Keep your hips back, stretching out your back. If you want to increase the stretch, you can move your hands forwards.
  • Push down onto your palms and keep your leg muscles engaged while holding this pose.
  • Take a few deep breaths in this position before coming back down to all fours to release the pose.

#3 Warrior 2

  • Stretch arms out to the side, gently widen your stance.
  • Turn hip bones towards the side of your mat.
  • Your front knee needs to be over your front ankle whilst your back leg remains straight. Keep reaching outwards with both fingertips.
  • Your shoulders should align over your hips.

There you have it, 3 poses to help improve your balance and core strength, made possible with non-slip yoga mats to keep you stable. Give them a go, once you’ve used a non-slip yoga mat you’ll never want to go back!

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