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Finding Your Y & B with Zaya Hastra-Yogi Bare

Finding Your Y & B with Zaya Hastra

  Everything Zaya does is full of soul – from leaving her beautiful botanical tattoo illustrations on bodies to exploring her heart through song. Born of a lineage of healers...

New year, new who?-Yogi Bare

New year, new who?

New year, new who?   The new year, new me hocus pocus is quite frankly ‘not a thing’. Who we are is a recipe, a composite of all we have...

Open Letter To A Beginner Yogi.-Yogi Bare

Open Letter To A Beginner Yogi.

You’ve heard the health benefits. You’ve seen the glowing limbs contortioned into unimaginable shapes set against dramatic landscapes like art. Hell you’ve even watched the Goat Yoga videos on Youtube!...

Breakfast of Champions-Yogi Bare

Breakfast of Champions

On the weekends we know how to brunch hard. We are talking double courses, enough washing up to get your evicted from your household, two hot drink, two cold drink situations....


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