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Upgrade Your Yoga Mat: 5 Reasons to Switch to a Yogi Bare Mat

Are you looking to upgrade your yoga mat? Is your current yoga mat making you a grizzly bare? We’ve got you covered. We believe that buying a yoga mat for a genuine need or purpose can help you change your flow and your life. When you buy a Yogi Bare mat you will be joining a community, filled with encouragement and support. Not only will your Yogi Bare yoga mat and other Yogi Bare’s support you through your journey, but you will also be supporting our mission of sustainability of ethics. 

Change your mat. Change your flow. Change your life.  


1. Beginner Yoga Mats

Practice yoga your way. Joining the yoga community is an exciting time for anyone, but where to begin? We have created our Paws X - Enhanced Grip Longer and Wider Yoga Mat for yoga newbies with a little extra wiggle room. These beginner yoga mats are longer and wider so you can move your own way and flow to your own rhythm. As you find your inner warrior, you can experiment with the extra space and thickness, knowing your mat is there to support you through your intimate motions. Once you’ve practiced Savasana on one of our 4mm mats, you won’t be able to turn back!


2. Travel Yoga Mats

Our Teddy Travel Yoga Mats are your newest companion. Just like your teddy bear, you can take your travel yoga mat wherever the wind takes you.  Whether you need a personal yoga mat to pop over the top of studio mats to maintain hygiene or can’t resist taking your yoga mat to your favourite travel destinations, your Teddy will be along for the ride. At only 1.5 kg, you can fold your mat into a small square and wave goodbye to those packing woes. Did we also mention our travel yoga mats are machine washable and oh so pretty?


3. Advanced Yoga Mats

You are in for the grip of your life, you won’t be able to take your paws off it. Each of our yoga mats is made from eco friendly and natural rubber with extreme grip technology. Whether you are a yoga newbie or a seasoned pro, our advanced yoga mats will have you gripping even through those tricky moves and hot yoga classes. The more you’re dripping, the more we’re gripping. So sweat it out baby, our advanced yoga mats will have your back… or your feet, or hands.

You can shop our Paws- Natural Rubber Extreme Grip Yoga Mat here. 


4. Eco Yoga Mats

One of the reasons we are so proud of our yoga mats is that we are continually striving to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. From our packaging to product to freight we are committed to innovation and finding new ways of being even more sustainable. We want to ensure that when you upgrade to our eco yoga mat, you can get zen knowing you are doing your bit for our beautiful planet.

We have partnered with the incredible team at Moy Tree Farm with their project Hometree to help us on our mission of sustainability. Their motto is ‘more trees please’! When you buy a Wild Paws Yoga Mat our friends at Hometree will plant a tree. 1 mat = 1 tree. Together we can build forests and move mountains in healing our beautiful planet. 

Did we also mention that our mats are eco yoga mats? There is no animal testing, all our products are 100% vegan, packaging is 100% recyclable, our mats are made from all natural rubber, they are biodegradable, from a sustainable forest, and we transport our products by freight to minimise our carbon footprint. That was a mouthful!

You can read more about our continued mission of sustainability here


5. Ethical Yoga Mats

Where would Yogi Bare be without the amazing Yogi Bare team working behind the scenes? One of our core focuses here at Yogi Bare is that our brand is inline with our personal and professional ethics, ensuring everyone is fairly paid and working in high working conditions. We are incredibly close with our factory and the wonderful team who makes our Yogi Bare yoga mats. Our UK based team has spent time out there expressing our gratitude in person and working alongside the makers to ensure we are pushing the boundaries of yoga innovations. We even have a Yogi Bare team member based in HK who works personally with the factory ensuring we always meet our high product and standard of working conditions, all year round. Upgrading your yoga mat never felt so good!

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