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Paws X - Enhanced grip longer and wider yoga mat black

Yogi Bare®


Change Your Mat. Change Your Flow. Change Your Life.

Longer and wider than your average yoga mat, this style allows you to flow to your own rhythm and find the inner warrior in you. Get experimental and energise your body with extra thickness for supportive comfort. This mat also has innovative grip technology where the natural rubber is perforated for intense grip when you need it most. The laser etching centralises you whilst allowing you to glide through your intimate motions.

  • High Performance sustainable materials
  • Innovative Grip Technology: Perforated Surface Intense Grip - No sweat! - this is a new invention! Helps with sweat flow
  • Longer. Wider. More room to play!
  • Eco Conscious
  • Created for the warrior in you
  • Dimensions: 680 x 2130 x 4mm
  • Weight: 3.4kg

Paws yoga mats

This is the best way to keep your Paws mat looking it's best - Please do not fold your Paws mat or allow PU surface to touch itself or the PU surface of another Paws mat


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Growing a greener future

Yogi Bare could not exist without the incredible people who manufacture our products and it would be against our personal and professional ethics to not ensure the entire process is in line with our mission.

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Please feel free to contact us anytime to share your stories or if you are feeling a little grizzly!

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Longer and Wider so you can move your way

The laser etching centralises you whilst allowing you to glide through your intimate motions.

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