How To Practise Acro Yoga: The Basics

What is Acro Yoga?

Have you ever enviously scrolled through Instagram posts of beautifully staged yoga poses in exotic locations with two people balanced on top of each other, wishing that could be you? Maybe you’ve watched a few videos on Youtube? Perhaps you’ve gazed on as a couple of students play around with intricate looking acro poses after class and thought ‘what is that?! I could never do what they’re doing!’. Well here at Yogi Bare we are here to tell you that you can and you should! Whether you are a yogi pro looking to broaden your skills or a newbie feeling inspired, Acro Yoga is for everybody. 

Acro Yoga is a combination of three traditions; yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Acro Yoga is very similar to partner yoga in that it involves two people (and a spotter!), but with the added fun and dimensions of acrobatics. It doesn’t stop there, Acro Yoga also involves the healing qualities of Thai massage. This makes Acro Yoga a very powerful, beneficial and playful way of practicing yoga. 


What are the psychological benefits of Acro Yoga?

Whether you are the base, flyer or the spotter, you will learn to embrace trust, poise and connect with balance. The trust that is needed to perform Acro Yoga poses can instantly create a bond that is hard to recreate anywhere else. The high you’ll also get after nailing an Acro Yoga pose will keep you coming back for more week after week. Not to mention the confidence you will gain being surrounded by a supportive community and like-minded yogis!


What are the physical benefits of Acro Yoga?

As well as mentally, you will also be able to physically see the benefits of your hard work. Acro Yoga strengthens your core, improves flexibility and balance. Practicing Acro Yoga moves will get you working up a sweat and a great way to increase your body strength. After a session of practicing Acro Yoga you will walk away feeling energised and fitter than ever. It’s like running away to the circus without ever having to leave home, what more convincing do you need?! 


Can beginners do Acro Yoga?

Yes, AcroYoga is for everybody! If you are new to Acro Yoga it is always worth attending a class so you can get a feel for the basic poses and techniques. An experienced Acro Yoga teacher will also ensure you are practicing safely so there are no accidents during your first attempt at the Front Bird or Throne Pose. It is also a great place to meet like-minded people especially if you are short of a partner or spotter. Chances are there are other newbies there too so you can learn together and support each other in your new venture. 

Once you’ve attended your first class and have a feel for the flow of Acro Yoga you won’t be able to stop. After you’ve perfected the basics, it’s time to get creative! Soon you’ll be doing the Half Mood and Tri-Pod Headstand with the pros. 


Is Acro Yoga difficult?

As with all yoga, Acro Yoga comes in varying degrees of difficulty. Whilst beginners AcroYoga does challenge your strength, balancing and communication skills it is possible to become a pro with practice! The difficulty of the poses can vary from simple holds to extremely intricate and complex moves so there is definitely something for everyone. If you have practiced yoga before this will make it easier and allow you to progress faster at Acro Yoga. This is particularly true if you know and practice the yoga poses on a mat before you try to execute them with a partner. 


What equipment do I need for Acro Yoga?

One of the main benefits of Acro Yoga is it’s relatively low cost. All you need is your favourite yoga partner, something comfortable to wear and a good yoga mat! For clothing we suggest something form fitting but stretchy, you don’t want to get tangled whilst you’re up there. Apart from that all you’ll need is a good yoga mat to act as a soft and grippy base. We recommend our Yogi Bare Paws X Enhanced Grip Innovation. This mat is a bit longer and wider than most yoga mats, plenty of room two! Our mat also has innovative grip technology so even if you break out in a sweat you won't slip from your High Flying Whale or Folded Leaf Pose.

Don’t forget the most important thing to bring to your first Acro Yoga class, a positive attitude. Go in with the mindset of ‘yes, I can do this!’. Even those perfectly balanced yogis you saw on Instagram started somewhere. You reading this is the first step. 



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