5 Minute Yoga Mat Hygiene Guide

5 Minute Yoga Mat Hygiene Guide

You might be wondering whether it’s worth purchasing a high-performance non-slip yoga mat. Perhaps you’re tempted to get by with something thinner or with less slip. True, a non-slip mat is an investment, but it’s vital to have extra grip and thickness when practising yoga. Why? Well, without the all-important grip, you’re more likely to slip and slide out of pose, which is pretty irritating. Worse still, slipping and sliding can sometimes cause an unwanted accident or injury. Non-slip mats bring other benefits too, like joint support for ankles, wrists and knees, stronger poses and improved flow. If you’re confident that your mat won’t slip or slide, you’ll be less distracted, more focused and overall, feel more confident to try out new or more difficult poses.

About Yogi Bare

That’s why Kat, a practising Yogi and Yogi-Bare’s much loved founder has dedicated so much of her time creating a high-performance yoga mat range. Not only do they incorporate non-slip technology, but they’re practical, versatile and well-designed. Yoga is a holistic philosophy which is fully embodied by Yogi Bare. Kat’s view is that her yoga mats should help make yoga accessible to anyone and everyone. Her range of products also have ultra-respect for the environment and the impact of manufacturing on it. Yogi Bare are committed to creating eco-sensitive products that are sustainable too. That’s why their mats are made of biodegradable, natural rubber. Even the attractive designs are laser engraved to avoid the use of anything toxic.

Why You Need Your Own Yoga Mat

Fortunately, you don’t need much to get started with yoga. But if you’re going to purchase one thing, make it a non-slip mat. And there’s never been a better time to get the most value out of owning a Yogi Bare yoga mat. Covid-19 lockdown’s have changed our behaviour. Despite the lift in restrictions, more of us are carrying out yoga within our own homes now. For those of us that intend on doing a future group session, it also makes sense to get your own. Sharing yoga mats allows germs to be passed on, especially Plantar Warts, Athlete’s Foot, Cold and Flu in addition to the dreaded Covid-19. Not just that, but you can’t be sure how often a shared mat has been cleaned. Having your own means that you can practise anytime, anywhere without having to rely on somebody else for its hygiene and cleanliness. There’s no dispute that with such excellent credentials, Yogi Bare mats are the bee’s knees. Take the plunge. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Why You Need to Keep Your Yoga Mat Clean

Rolling out your mat and realising its sticky or smelly from a previous yoga session kills the relaxing vibe. It really is true. Your yoga mat is in many ways, your sacred space. If it’s not right, this can affect your mindset and mood. But it’s an easy thing to forget. Grease, sweat, natural oil, dirt and grime can build up on yoga mats and affect their optimal performance. They can also become smelly and contain bacteria if they’re not cleaned regularly. 

5 Minute Yogi Bare Yoga Mat Cleaning Guide

Once you’ve invested in a Yogi Bare mat, it makes sense to keep it in peak condition. The great thing is that it’s so simple to keep these mats clean. Read on for our 5-minute yoga mat cleaning guide to use in between sessions.

Yogi Bare Paws, Paws X and Wild Paws Mats

These mats can be cleaned once a week or as needed if you’ve done some particularly sweaty exercise. Simply, wipe down both sides with warm water diluted with some fresh lemon juice. This cleans away any built-up oils and dirt, leaving these long-lasting mats in pristine condition.  

There’s a couple of don’ts to remember. Washing up liquid or essential oils should never be used to clean these mats. Also don’t fold them up.

Yogi Bare Teddy Mats

Yogi Bare Teddy Mats have been carefully designed to complement hot yoga or travel practise. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to maintain your mat hygiene well as they’re likely to pick up more grime and sweat. Humid, moist conditions are the ideal breeding ground for germs. It’s no drama though. These innovative  mats take convenience one step further, making them the ultimate user-friendly yoga mat. You can put them on a quick wash in the washing machine at 30/40 degrees with a small amount of detergent. After that, hang them up to dry and store out of direct sunlight.


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