About Us

Change your mat. Change your flow. Change your life.

We believe that Yoga is for every body & everybody.
Professional Yoga Equipment. Unprofessional Prices.

Once upon a yoga class, several years ago, I had just walked out of a yoga workshop feeling how yoga should never make you feel: like I didn’t belong.

In my heart, I felt Yoga should remain accessible and therefore the professional kit needed to be affordable.

At the time, my Vinyasa consisted of
Downward dog – plank – face plant.
And I needed it to be
Grippy Downward dog – Supported high plank – no more face plants


So I set out to do two things –

1. Create a business that makes a positive mark on the world.

2. Design & make professional products and only add the profit needed to share our message and enable more Yogis.

So I researched, tested on friends and professionals, we learned together and then we created, we made this for you.

 Yogi Bare. It's time to play.