Yoga During Lockdown: The Facetime Portraits Project - Andrew

Yoga During Lockdown: The Facetime Portraits Project - Andrew

Over the past few months in lockdown we created a special project with our wonderful friend @facetimportraits. Tim uses an incredible technique of shooting through the FaceTime app on your phone. It was our way of breaking the barriers of isolation + finding a way to connect with you. 

We wanted to explore the way that Yoga at home has supported you, held you, allowed you to escape but most importantly allowed you to connect, beyond anything else, with yourself. What followed was a truly moving creative project that felt like an insight into something truly hallowed. 

This is your yoga. This is your Yogi Bare.

Our Interview With Andrew About Yoga during Lockdown 

Andrew Stevenson - @andrewstevensonyoga, is a yoga teacher and good friend of ours from London, specialising in vinyasa flow and mandala yoga. We caught up with him over Facetime, where Tim took some amazing pictures and our interview about yoga during lockdown took place.

andrew at home yoga

What has Yoga meant to you during COVID/lock down?

Yoga was a life saver in lockdown!  I created my own little studio with my yogi bare hiding under my sofa, I would slide it along and tada!  I could tune into classes from all over!  I would sometimes come out of savasana and into a ZOOM call with friends and have that lovely floaty feeling!


Has lock down affected your practice? (the good, the bad, the motivation, the atmosphere) 

I feel like I got more into certain flows and postures, trying to improve and work on technique.  Flexibility has improved a little...I am just one bum cheek away from the mat in my front splits ;)

  andrew at home yoga

What was your practice like pre LD – was it more studio based?

Generally yes, I love studios, love the atmosphere, meeting people in the community and really just the energy and feeling of practicing next to people. 


Tips on creating a magical space to practice in at home.

Make the most of your space!  I have a small flat and I had to slide the sofa along to create my little studio! Light some candles, incense and connect your classes to the big screen!  That really helped.


Tips on practicing at home – motivation, times of day, online classes recommendations etc

I started with tuning into my favourite teacher's Zoom classes and then started trying out new teachers and people I had never had the opportunity to practice with before due to distance/time. It was really important to me to support teachers during such a difficult time.  

andrew at home yoga 

Did you find any moments of joy or inspiration you’d like to share?

I loved connecting on Zoom, especially when the teacher would call you out to encourage! I never really liked practicing at home pre LD but I learned to love my space and fell at home in my practice...even if I fell on the furniture sometimes.  


Anything else you’d like to share on your experiences of yoga during lock down?

Every weekday morning I would meet for 30mins with a group for a guided meditation. This was really special to share with people I had never met and gave some good purpose to start the well as talking to someone other than Alexa!

andrew at home yoga 

Keep your eyes peeled for more interviews and amazing photography coming soon to our blog.

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