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Yoga Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It’s the same every year, go into a supermarket the day after Halloween and you’re bombarded with Christmas everything. The festive train is pulling away and there’s literally no stopping it from here until December 25th. Or that’s how it feels anyway. 

Okay, so most of us love the build-up and anticipation of crimbo but if the Christmas gifting always falls to you, it can feel like a weight on your shoulders. Let’s face it, the pressure of having to come up with well-thought out presents year on year can leave the best of us stressed to the max, spending countless hours hunting online or around the shops for that unique present. 

Of course, you don’t want to go crazy either and spend the next 12 months paying off your purchases, but you don’t want to end up with tut either. Then there’s the issue of climate change and planetary demise which is definitely impacting our shopping habits. And you also want to give a thoughtful gift, which will offer some benefit. The opposite to hurtling through the shops like a whirlwind, before grabbing something as you peg it back before your boss notices your somewhat extended lunch break! 

But what if you could find Christmas gifts that not only are great quality, but are also sustainable and even enhance the recipient’s wellbeing too? Now wouldn’t that solve all of your gift dilemmas in one foul swoop.

Yogi Bare Christmas Gift Guide

We don’t do a Christmas gift guide for her or a Christmas gift guide for him. Why not? Because Yogi-Bare products are top-quality, unisex, eco-conscious and highly beneficial, no matter your gender. That’s why!

Acupressure Gifts

The Yogi Bare Acupressure Mat Set comes in black or grey and is the perfect gift for a loved one that’s always on the go or suffers muscular aches and pains, tension headaches, insomnia, stress, or anxiety. 

This modern day take on the ancient bed of nails definitely has a cutting-edge feel about it. With  210 pressure points on our Acupressure Mat, painless round plastic spikes create a soothing feeling of gentle stimulation, whilst applying deep tissue pressure to the body at the same time. This set works like acupuncture (without the needles) and traditional acupressure, providing a wonderfully liberating release of tension and restoring much-needed balance.

If you want to go all out with self-care, why not couple the acupressure set with an aromatherapy candle so that the recipient can create the ultimate relaxation ritual at home? Incidentally, we love burning the Scentered DE STRESS Aromatherapy Ritual Candle to enhance the acupressure experience. 

If you’re wondering about something simpler or less expensive, then the Acupressure Pillow on its own makes a fantastic gift too. It’s a bit like acupressure meets scalp massage all in one. And not to mention the fact that most of us spend our daily lives with hunched shoulders, pouring over a device of some sort. It really is the perfect antidote to unforgiving head and shoulder tension. 

Yoga Gifts

Lockdowns due to Covid-19 have seen a huge surge in the popularity of yoga. After all, there’s now countless yoga classes streamed directly into our homes, plus the fact that you can do it on your own.

One thing that is requisite though is a non-slip yoga mat. It’s an essential bit of kit to prevent slipping and sliding out of poses, obviously frustrating but also downright dangerous because it can lead to accidents or injuries. Yogi Bare Yoga Mats have been lovingly created by a yogi on a mission to make the practise of yoga more inclusive. These are thick yoga mats (except for the Teddy Mat) with a 4mm thickness, to support the impact on ankles, wrists, and knees, and which offer that all-important extra-grip, or as we like to describe it, the ‘grip of your life’. 

Our premium, high quality yoga mats make the ideal gift for a wife, husband, son, daughter, relative or friend that practises yoga. Whether they’re starting out or an experienced yogi, we have a mat that’s right for them. Unsure which mat to gift to a friend or family member? Here’s our advice:

Beginner at Yoga: No question about it, opt for the classic Yogi Bare Paws Natural Rubber Mat. Available in a range of colours with elegant toxic-free etching, these mats are easily cleaned and maintained. With strong eco-credentials too, they’re made from natural, biodegradable, sustainable rubber, meaning that our mats are free from harmful chemical residues. 

Yoga Disciple: Choose the Paws Flow Mat, with all the same benefits as the Paws Mat above, this is our wider, longer version with a smooth anti-slip top, that provides extra space to move around and take on more difficult poses. 

Travelling Yogi: Our Teddy Mat is great for those that love to continue their yoga practise whilst away or on holiday, outdoors, or that are brave enough for hot yoga. This one’s a lightweight, high-performance non-slip yoga mat for use on all surfaces. Highly portable, you can even fold it into a small square, meaning it can fit into a bag or suitcase. 

The velvet microfiber surface is so effective under sweat and moisture because it gets even grippier, maintaining its hold on the floor, rather than bunching up.

It doesn’t end there because you can also enhance your Christmas gifting with Yogi Bare yoga accessories too. Click here if you’d like to check out what else we offer.

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