Yoga Accessories To Boost Your Yoga Abilities

Yoga Accessories To Boost Your Yoga Abilities

When you’re new to yoga, a yoga mat might be the only yoga attribute you know of. So you must be happy to hear that there are many yoga accessories that you can use to boost your practice. Whether you use it for extra comfort, flexibility or a deepened stretch, yoga accessories are great to use during your yoga practice. To get you fully ready for your next yoga practice, we’re going to run you through the different yoga accessories, their benefits and how they can boost your yoga abilities.

Yoga blocks for extra support and length 

As a yoga beginner, you might notice that some stretches are more difficult than others because you might not be as flexible yet. If this is the case, a yoga block will come in handy to provide you extra support and length. Your poses might be a bit wobbly and a yoga block can help you to stabilise your position and feel more comfortable on your yoga mat. Slowly improve your flexibility by using a yoga block. When stretching, place it under your feet or hands to make a stretch less intense. Once you improve your flexibility, you can slowly move the yoga block further away and eventually remove it entirely. An absolute essential for yoga beginners!

Yoga block

Yoga mat carry straps

Next on the list are yoga mat carry straps, which come in handy when you have to take along your yoga mat often. Carrying a yoga mat can be uncomfortable, especially if you have to take the train or have to bike to your yoga practice. The mat unrolls quickly or you lose your grip. A yoga mat carry strap is the perfect solution as it allows you to transport your yoga mat without it rolling out. And even better: you can carry your yoga mat around your shoulder! That makes life a lot easier. 

Improve your flexibility and posture with a yoga wheel

Beginner yogi’s often struggle with flexibility and posture, which can lead to serious injuries if you’re not being careful enough. By using a yoga wheel, you can deepen the stretches in the front of your body, so your shoulders, chest, abs and hip flexors. Besides that, it helps to improve posture, spine health and mobility which will gradually improve your yoga practice as well. Yoga wheels can also be used to strengthen your core or aid back pain. The possibilities of using a yoga wheel during your practice are endless!

Yoga wheel

Travel yoga mats

If you’re a traveler in heart and soul (in times when there’s no pandemic), taking your yoga mat with you can be very impractical. Especially if you travel light or are a backpacker, there’s simply no room for a yoga mat. Luckily, we have developed yoga mat that are particularly handy when you travel often. Our travel yoga mats are lightweight, foldable, machine washable and most importantly: very very pretty. Our Teddy yoga mat has a tropical print on it, which immediately makes you feel like you’re far away from home - even if you’re stuck at home like we are now.

Stretch straps  

Last but not least, yoga stretch straps are a vital tool for any yogi, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. The strap enables you to ease into the more difficult postures, gradually opening your body up to achieving depth, endurance and mobility. Available in a cool space print, tropical print or a sophisticated black, the stretch straps can match your yoga mats perfectly. That way, you can enjoy the health benefits of your yoga practice and have a great aesthetic in the meantime as well!

Stretch strap

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