Sustainable yoga

Why eco is important to us in our yoga mats and accessories

Have you ever thought that in order to get your hands on the best possible yoga equipment that there is no way it can be sustainable? Think again! You can still enjoy yoga with high-quality equipment that has minimal harmful effects on the environment with our range of eco-conscious mats and equipment. At Yogi Bare, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, with the motivation to do better for both people and our planet. We strive to reduce plastic waste, reusing all our packaging where we can, and work to reduce pollution and emissions to help contribute to the sustainable development of our beautiful planet. Check out our sustainability diary to find out more!

Sustainable Yoga Mats

With the fate of our planet’s future understandably feared by many (including us!), we want to play our part in reducing emissions and ensuring the production of our products is as eco-friendly as possible. We aim to do our best to ensure yoga can continue to be enjoyed by everybody and every body. Made from natural rubber sourced from a sustainable forest, the rubber provides our mats with excellent grippy properties (great for yoga practice) and has the added benefit of being biodegradable.

Eco yoga stretch strap

Eco Yoga Equipment

Do you want to incorporate a stretch strap into your practice but unsure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (recycled plastic bottles to you and me), our Recycled Plastic Yogi Bare RPET Yoga stretching strap will help support your practice and lengthen your limbs.  In comparison to virgin plastics, the use of RPET in our stretching strap requires 75% less energy to produce and lowers carbon emissions by 24%! That is pretty impressive right! Not only this, by giving these plastics a second life it is preventing them from ending up in landfills, meaning you can get yourself a high-quality stretch strap that has a reduced detrimental impact on the environment.

Our eco-friendly yoga equipment doesn’t stop here! We value our planet and want to contribute to a better environment for all.  As a limited-edition line, we have created our Downward Duck Block which is crafted from disregarded flip-flops collected from waterways, rivers and oceans. Not only do these blocks give these unwanted flip-flops a new lease of life, but they also support local communities and provide sustainable employment. By purchasing one of these blocks, local communities benefit from both the employment opportunities as well as cleaner oceans and funds towards marine conservation.

Giving back to our planet

At Yogi Bare we proudly support the Hometree initiative who strive to create a greener planet. For every Wild Paws mat sold, Hometree promises to plant a tree as they endeavour to connect people with nature and address the climate challenge. So why not do the planet a favour and get your hands (or paws) on one of our Wild Paws mats?

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