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What Is a Yoga Wheel?

Yoga wheels are a circular hollow prop for yogis, around 13cm wide, with a thickness of 1.6cm, these dimensions make it the ideal size and strength to hold your body weight and support you when trying new moves or tricky poses. 

That’s a yoga wheel’s main job - to give support and help you stay safe and balanced when you take your yoga routine to the next level. But you can also use a yoga wheel on it’s own too! It’s great to warm up your body and stretch your muscles before or after your yoga flow. 

What can you use a yoga wheel for?

As well as using a yoga wheel to expand your yoga routine with cool new accessories and using it to try out new poses, you can actually really physically benefit from a yoga wheel - check out our blog on how to use yoga wheels to alleviate back pain. 

Using a yoga wheel to build strength 

Building strength all over your body makes it easier to hold and balance in yoga poses where you are lunging or reclining. The great thing about a yoga wheel is that it allows you to pinpoint specific areas of your body where you want to build strength because using a yoga wheel with target specific muscle groups. The more concentration you give to an area of your body the better developed and quicker it is to enhance your performance in this area. 

Using a yoga wheel to enhance flexibility 

A yoga wheel on it’s own can give you many ways of increasing your flexibility. During a warm up it’s the ideal tool - stretch out tight calves or a stiff back, increase mobility in your shoulders and free movement in your neck too. You know that amazing stretching feeling when you haven’t worked your body in a while and you stretch for the first time in ages - a yoga wheel allows you to feel that every time as you lean into the prop for support. 

Yogi Bare Founder Kat’s Favourite way to use the wheel:

Start any yoga routine with a wonderful massage to warm up the spine, chest and shoulders. This is a great exercise to add into your daily practice and prepare the body.

  • In a seated position line the wheel up and connect against the lower back/sacrum.
  • Plant the feet, take your arms overhead. Lightly push through the feet and allow your spine to melt over the wheel rolling back and forward.
  • Start slowly and roll to your own depth on this particular day of practice.
  • Once you find your sweet spot stay for a few slow measured breaths.
  • Gently roll back to start until your bottom connects with the floor.
  • Counterpose with child's pose.

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