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What is a Yoga Strap? 3 Reasons To Use One

What is a yoga strap?

A yoga strap is a beautifully woven length of soft cotton that measures 1.8m by 40mm. With its simple and lightweight design your yoga strap can accompany you wherever your yogi travels may take you, and can take on many uses and benefits. Particularly if you are a beginner or an improver, a yoga strap is a kit-bag must have to help you go deeper in your asana practice, reach your goals, open up your body to achieve depth, endurance and mobility. We wouldn't blame you if you exited off the page right now to explore our range of fun coloured yoga straps! But if you want to learn about the benefits of a yoga strap and my favourite ways to use mine, keep on reading...

Benefits of having a yoga strap

There are so many benefits of having a yoga strap in your collection of accessories. Yoga straps are an extremely versatile yoga accessory with many possible uses. The main benefit however, is to aid yogis with their stretching, increase flexibility and decrease tension.

1. Increase range of motion: If you are looking to improve your range of motion, a yoga strap can be used as an extension of your body to help with poses such as the Standing Forward Fold or the Seated Forward Fold. If grasping your feet is a tad too far, you can hook your yoga strap behind your feet, using the strap to extend the reach of your arms, create resistance and pull yourself further into the pose. Alternatively, if you are looking to push your range of motion that bit further you can hook the strap around your feet and use the length of the strap to pull yourself even deeper than before.

2. Adaptability: Another benefit of having a yoga strap is the adaptability of its shape and length thanks to its simple design. Our yoga straps are fitted with a D-ring at one end which is perfectly designed for creating a circular strap. For example, once you have eased into a stretch, you can tie your yoga strap around your body to hold the pose. The tighter you pull the strap through the D-ring, the deeper the stretch!

3. Improve muscle strength: Another incredible benefit of a yoga strap is it can be used to create resistance, improving balance and increasing muscle strength. For example, you can use your yoga strap to strengthen your arm muscles by pulling it in opposite directions and holding for several seconds. By increasing your body strength you will be well on your way to achieving those challenging yoga poses you’ve got your eye on!

How to use a yoga strap

Whilst your yoga strap can be completely tailored to your practice and needs, here are just a few of my favourite ways to use mine…

  • Opening the Shoulders: Taking hold of the strap with both hands slightly wider apart than your shoulders, slowly bring your arms straight out in front of you, continuing this movement until your arms are directly above your head. To open up your muscles, bring your arms further back until they are behind you. This is a powerful stretch for opening up your chest wall and shoulders, but be sure not to push further than is comfortable.
  • Bound Angle Pose: Begin by creating a circular shape with your yoga strap using the D-ring at one end. Place the strap behind your sacrum and underneath your feet, laying on your back with the base of your feet touching and your knees apart. As you relax into this pose, slowly tighten the strap, pulling your legs closer to your body and deepening your stretch.
  • Full Boat Pose: With your back staying straight, hook your yoga strap behind your feet, with both hands grasping the ends. Slowly begin to elevate your legs whilst maintaining a straight posture. Pushing through your feet to the strap, keeping your legs extended fully. This beautiful pose is perfect for strengthening your core and increasing flexibility.

There are so many ways you can use your yoga strap, more than I can list here! Are you ready to start exploring your new accessory?

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