What Effect Does Acupressure Have on Blood Pressure?

What Effect Does Acupressure Have on Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is a common problem which many people suffer from. Having an elevated blood pressure or hypertension can put you at a much greater risk for scarier illnesses such as heart disease or stroke. So it’s important to make certain lifestyle changes which will help prevent these future outcomes. 

In this article, we will be looking at what the symptoms of high blood pressure are, how acupressure can be used as a healthy way to manage this illness and how you can incorporate an acupressure mat into your daily routine. 

What Are The Symptoms of High Blood Pressure & Hypertension?

Hypertension and high blood pressure are very common illnesses which affect many people on a daily basis. Whilst there are no direct cures for this, there are many ways that people choose to manage these problems with simple lifestyle changes. Both Hypertension and high blood pressure can be caused by a number of things. Smoking or any type of tobacco use can increase your blood pressure. Whilst this is only a temporary rise, the effects on your arteries can be long-term and therefore increase your risk of having high blood pressure in the future. 

Another common cause is an unhealthy diet. Diets which are full of sodium, salt, have a high density of calories and sugar are not good for the body. This, mixed with a lack of exercise, could be a recipe for high blood pressure and hypertension. 

Stress can also be a culprit for why some people may suffer from these illnesses. Too much stress on a regular basis can directly spike your blood pressure and even put you at risk of developing some unhealthy coping mechanisms. That is where the act of gentle exercises such as yoga come in. Yoga is a great addition to anybody’s everyday life. If you begin to feel overwhelmed or anxious and that stress could be getting the better of you, taking a few minutes out of your day to relax with a short yoga class could be extremely beneficial.

So, what are the symptoms of high blood pressure? It’s important to note that high blood pressure rarely has noticeable symptoms and checking with your doctor is the best way to get a full diagnosis. However, some people have reported having blurred vision, regular nose bleeds, a shortness of breath, varying chest pains, dizziness and headaches. 

Acupoints Related to High Blood Pressure

Did you know that in your body, there are certain points which you can pay attention to which can help relieve your blood pressure? 

Firstly, we have your feet. Yes, you read that right, your feet! Located in between the big toe and the second toe, where the webbing is, you should be able to feel between two bones. This is one of the best acupoints when it comes to lowering blood pressure. Not only can this help you address anxiety, it can also reduce indigestion and further hypertension. 

There is also a point on your wrist, which when pressure is applied will help you soothe your circulatory system, whilst simultaneously lowering your high blood pressure. Located three fingers length above the wrist and on the inner side of your arm, massaging this point can prevent headaches and nausea.

Can Acupressure Lower Blood Pressure?

Studies have shown that acupressure works by stimulating the body’s natural endorphin, which acts as painkillers for the body. This causes a general sense of relief when it comes to pain and lifts your mood. Acupressure could help prevent a number of different health issues and can even act as at home remedy in some cases. 

Incorporating Acupressure Mats Into Your Daily Routine

Our range of acupressure mats are inspired by the ancient healing systems but with a modern take on the bed of nails. These mats offer a range of health benefits, which you can use in the comfort of your own home to practise deep and intense massages to release any muscle-tension you may be experiencing.

Acupressure works by applying pressure to various parts of your body. Unlike acupuncture, there are no needles involved. Our mats work to restore balance to your body’s energy with a gentle, painless pressure. The mat allows your body to feel relaxed and to release endorphins, inviting only happiness and good energy into your day. 

To incorporate the mat into your daily routine, simply lie on the mat for anywhere between 20-40 minutes. We recommended doing this once a week and gently upping the amount of times you do it. Skin contact is the best way to feel the effects of this mat, but always experiment and get to know what feels right for your body. 

An acupressure mat is ideal for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, as it focuses on the back, allowing the muscles to feel stimulated and release any tension they are holding.

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