3 Sustainable Features Of Our Acupressure Mats

3 Sustainable Features Of Our Acupressure Mats

 If you’re looking to get your paws on an acupressure mat, but are looking for a sustainable option, we’ve got you covered! We're a completely sustainable yoga brand, and our acupressure mats are no exception. Our mats are kind to the planet, whilst also being kind to your body. 

Making an acupressure mat a part of your morning or evening routine can help benefit you in many ways. If you suffer from headaches, have a previous sports injury, can’t fall asleep or need general pain relief, we recommend spending some time relaxing on a mat that puts pressure in all the right places. 

If it sounds like you might be needing this in your life, look no further! We are breaking down what acupressure is, how to use our mats and focusing on what the sustainable features surrounding our production are.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure has been practised for a long time, dating as far back as 3000 years as part of traditional Chinese medicine.  Like the name suggests, acupressure works by applying pressure to various points of the body. The tension in your muscles is released and this practise has been used to balance the flow of the physiological energy.

Acupuncture, not to be confused with acupressure, uses needles to achieve a similar goal. Acupressure can aid in restoring all balance to the body’s natural energy flow. This works by manipulating the body’s meridians, which refers to the pathways that flow through the body, transporting your energy. When this energy is unbalanced, it can affect everything, including mood, health and overall wellbeing. 

With our acupressure mats, you can bring this practise into your very own home. Our acupressure mats come with rounded spikes that allow you to apply pressure to different parts of your body. Top tip, these mats are amazing for your feet! The sensation of the mat on the souls of our feet is one of our favourites, as it stimulates the reflexology points and the nerve endings, resulting in the most amazing energy boost! 

What is an Acupressure Mat & How Do You Use One?

When it comes to using an acupressure mat, we recommend placing the mat on a solid flat surface and slowly lay all the way down on top of it. Take your time and figure out which position is right for you and targets where you are having pain problems. 

For the best results, lie on your mat for around 5 minutes, then build up slowly. If you feel comfortable, wear a light t-shirt or towel as skin contact is the best way to find the right level of sensation for you.

You will notice that our acupressure mats come with round plastic spikes. Don’t be alarmed - these aid in creating a gentle stimulation. Whilst these spikes have rounded tips and are made to be comfortable, we do recommend that if you have sensitive skin or suffer from a skin condition, then to use the mats with caution. 

Acupressure mats work to break the toxins within your body, encouraging you to relax and release endorphins. So lay back and allow the mat to work through your being. 

If you hold a lot of pressure on your back, you could find yourself having trouble falling asleep. We suggest lying on the mat, position your head on one of our acupressure pillows and allow your shoulder blades to drop down your back towards your tailbone. You’ll feel yourself melting into the mat, as your muscles release. 

Top 3 Sustainable Features of Our Acupressure Mats

Firstly, every product we create, including our Acupressure Mats, is sustainability sourced. The rubber that goes into your Yogi Bare essentials are all obtained from a sustainable forest. Through community farming and conservation education over at Moy Tree Farm, we have been able to plant a tree every time a Wild Paws mat is sold! 

We have chosen this rubber product, not only because it's incredibly grippy properties, but also because it’s completely biodegradable. Unlike most mats which are made with PVC, these won’t harm the environment and will break down in the future. 

Whilst it would be funny to see a cow do yoga, we believe that animals should be left out of this relaxing practise. That's why our second sustainable feature is that we have a no animal testing allowed philosophy with our mats. This means they are 100% vegan, environmentally friendly and no animals were harmed in the process of the production. It’s a win win really!

Thirdly, the packages that your products come in are 100% recyclable. When sending out your yoga essentials, we try our best to cut down on the amount of packaging we use. However, when we do use some, we are still protecting both your products and the planet.

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