yogi bare paws x mat

We've Been Featured in Cosmopolitan's Best Exercise & Yoga Mats

Our Yogi Bare Paws X Extreme Grip Mat has been featured in Cosmo's favourite mats for at-home workouts. 

About our Paws X Enhanced Grip Innovation Mat 

Longer and wider than your average yoga mat, this style allows you to flow to your own rhythm and find the inner warrior in you. Get experimental and energise your body with extra thickness for supportive comfort. This crafted biodegradable mat also has innovative grip technology where the natural rubber is perforated for intense grip when you need it most. The laser etching centralises you whilst allowing you to glide through your intimate motions.
yogi bare paws x mat
"This extra long exercise mat is great if you're taller or like extra room to move. It's extra wide, extra thick and grippy. It's just as good for yoga as it is body-weight training and the 4mm mat features laser etching to centralise you." - Cosmopolitan Magazine
With thanks to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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