Wellness Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2022

Wellness Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2022

It seems like we’re always on a never-ending quest to find the perfect gift, doesn’t it? Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and then of course, along comes Mother’s Day. Life gets busy and we often end up taking the easy route, buying the same things over and again. Yep, flowers, chocolates, perfume, and bubble bath. At least no-one’s going to complain about receiving any of those, but wouldn’t it be nice to treat your mum to something a little bit more special? 

Mother’s Day Gifting 

Mums have a tough gig and daily self-care is essential to feel calm, relaxed and in control. Yoga and acupressure are a convenient way of enhancing wellbeing and can be slotted with relative ease into daily life. So, whether your mum’s retired, working or has kids, she can practise yoga on her own at home or online through an app like YouTube, in the studio with a group, or even in the great outdoors.  

This year why not consider giving a Mother’s Day gift that supplies long-term benefits rather than pure instant gratification. Surely the best gift of all is to encourage your mum to do something for herself and experience the health and wellbeing benefits associated with yoga and acupressure. 

Gifts for Yoga Lovers 

We’re sure that mum will love a wellness gift that will enhance her health, wellbeing, and lifestyle. Read on for the 2022 Yogi Bare Mother’s Day Gift Guide and enjoy treating one special lady to the enriching gift of self-care. 

The Classic Gift 

If mum’s a novice at yoga, go for the absolute classic Yogi Bare Paws Natural Rubber Mat.  

A high-quality yoga mat, this ensures extreme grip to support her joints whilst in pose, meaning less slipping and sliding and of course, minimising the risk of injury. The Paws Mat also comes in a range of colours with elegant toxic-free etching.   

Not to mention that Yogi Bare mats are made from natural, biodegradable, sustainable rubber, to ensure that these mats are also free from harmful chemical residues.  

The Inspirational Gift 

For the mum that needs a boost of inspiration and motivation in her life, we love the Paws Flow Mat.  It’s a wider, longer version of the standard Paws Mat with a smooth anti-slip top, which provides extra space to move around and take on more difficult poses.  

But the best bit about this mat is its incredible awe-inspiring photographic print of waves on the eco-conscious high-performance rubber. There really is nothing like the power of the ocean to bring us back down to earth and make us feel grounded, remembering that it’s not worth sweating the small stuff and that we’re all a part of something so much bigger. 

The Travelling Gift 

If mum loves to get away regularly, choose the lightweight, highly-portable, foldableTeddy Mat and she’ll be able to continue her yoga practise on holiday or outdoors. She can use it on any surface including grass and sand so there’s no limit! 

The velvet microfiber surface really comes into its own when there’s sweat and moisture because it gets even grippier, maintaining its hold on the floor, rather than bunching up. And the designs are pretty funky too. This is one cool gift for an equally cool mum! 

Yoga Accessory Gifts 

If mums already sorted with a yoga mat and you’re at a loss of what else to get, chill out because Yogi Bare have other wellness gifts for mums. Why not choose a yoga accessory to complement her practise instead? 

Yoga Blocks 

A yoga block is great for balancing, preventing wobbling, deepening stretches, engaging the muscles and aligning joints correctly. They also make the more challenging poses easier by creating less space between the floor and yourself. For a well-made, eco-friendly, sustainable, sturdy yoga block, opt for the Yogi Bare Firm Foam Support Block or Yogi Bare Bamboo Support Block. 

Yoga Straps 

Straps are another great accessory for anyone practising Yoga, whether beginner or advanced. The advantage of using a strap is that it helps you ease into more difficult postures and does this by gradual and deeper stretching of the muscles. Our vote is definitely with the Yogi BareYoga Stretching Strap, available in tropical, black, cosmic and blue. 

Acupressure Set 

For the mum that’s always complaining about aches and pains, there’s only one gift that will do! A Yogi Bare Acupressure Set.  The acupressure mat and pillow are a perfect antidote and with regular use, she’ll soon be feeling less tension in the body, relief from muscular aches and pains and will be more energised.  

To get the full benefit, create a soothing relaxation routine involving the Yogi Bare Acupressure Pillow, alongside a Yogi Bare Acupressure Mat20-40 minutes several times a week. This is also a great gift to pair up with an aromatherapy candle or aromatherapy balm for the ultimate dreamy ritual.  

So, you’ve got the answers on what to get mum this Mother’s Day, all you need to do now is choose! 

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