Wear Your Self Care collection

Wear Your Self Care collection

This month we ventured into apparel with a unique truly sustainable model and a mission to shake up the way we produce and buy clothes. 

We are expanding into lifestyle leisurewear with a vision to reimagine the way we produce and buy clothes. Our limited edition collection, launching twice a year, will be available for one month only and made to order only, ensuring zero waste.

According to recent studies, the world throws away an average of 92 million tonnes of textile waste annually. By 2030, this number is expected to reach 134 million tonnes, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable fashion practices.

The apparel line is inspired by our ethos, with oversized relaxed fits and nods to the brand's roots combining iconic skate and music culture with empowering mental wellness phrases.

"We believe that fashion can be sustainable without compromising style or quality," says Kat, the founder of Yogi Bare. "Our apparel line is designed for conscious consumers who seek unique, high-quality products without contributing to the fashion industry's waste problem. New clothing. A new way. Because there is no new planet."

Our unique production model ensures that clothes are only made to order, reducing the risk of overproduction and waste. The brand's limited edition collections will feature fully size-inclusive pieces made from certified materials, ensuring sustainability and ethics are at the core of their production practices.

The collection will be available for purchase starting April 1st, 2022, exclusively on the Yogi Bare website.

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