Start 2021 with No Stress: How Long You Should Spend on an Acupressure Mat

Start 2021 with No Stress: How Long You Should Spend on an Acupressure Mat

Starting the new year with no stress is the ultimate way to set up a foundation for how the rest of the year should ideally pan out; a fresh, optimistic mindset, untainted by the busyness and anxiety of our ordinary day-to-day lives. This is even more important, especially as we continue living in an uncertain, stressful time, with most of us still working from home, and hardly seeing many people. One of our best ways to achieve this calm state of mind is to use an acupressure mat. Practising meditation with an acupressure mat allows the whole body and mind to enter a relaxed state, reducing stress, anxiety and more! What a great new thing to incorporate into your daily routine to start 2021 with no stress. 

What is Acupressure for No Stress

An acupressure mat is based on the bed of nails theory, applying pressure to specific points on your back but in a less intense way. Acupressure therapy has origins in ancient China, used for pain relief, and restoration of the body's balance. When the correct pressure points are stimulated, it can help with physical comfort, help various mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and stress or even send a person into a deep sleep.

Acupressure targets the different meridians within the body, which are pathways used to transmit the energy that affects all the different aspects of life. When using acupressure, the gentle pressure allows the vital energy to flow and can even release feel-good endorphins. These endorphins are what causes the relaxation of the body, and a sense of calmness. 

How to Use your Acupressure Mat for No Stress

So Yogi Bears, you should know that acupressure mats can take some getting used before you begin. When you first incorporate these sessions into your daily routine, it may not be as comfortable as you may have initially thought. But once your body has warmed up to the mat, you will be bound to thank us! The best way to use your Yogi Bare acupressure mat is to lie on one for about 20-40 minutes, a few times a week, as you feel comfortable. 

Make sure you lie in the most comfortable position for you, and perhaps even begin using a towel if the acupressure mat is a little bit too intense at first. Although the acupressure mat's spikes are not very sharp, some people may feel discomfort when using it, especially if you have sensitive skin conditions. They are non-invasive with the only possible side effects are temporary tingling sensations during use, aches and the feeling of heaviness, which are also familiar with other massage therapies. Always remember also to drink water after your acupressure mat sessions, as your body will start to break down all the nasty toxins that have been causing your body stress. 

How Long Should I Spend on an Acupressure Mat? 

There are benefits to different length of acupressure sessions. However, before you dive into longer sessions to reduce stress, building up your body's tolerance to the mat is essential. Begin by only lying on the mat for about 2 minutes at a time, then increasing your sessions' length to about five and then ten minutes over 1-2 weeks. Even the shortest periods spent lying will reap many benefits of an acupressure mat as they will allow your body to release tension and start your 2021 with no stress. However, as you build-up to the 20 minute long sessions, you will most likely notice better sleep, as well as feeling generally energised. Over time, longer sessions of around 40-minutes even just once a week, can aid anxiety relief even more!

Start 2021 with No Stress

An acupressure mat might just be the perfect addition to your yoga practice to help with stress and anxiety relief in 2021! Why not check out the Yogi Bare Acupressure Mat Bundle? Complete with our incredible mat, pillow and bag. 

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