New year, new who?-Yogi Bare

New year, new who?

New year, new who?
The new year, new me hocus pocus is quite frankly ‘not a thing’. Who we are is a recipe, a composite of all we have seen, all we have done & our personal tapestry of experiences. We can’t Benjamin Button ourselves back to baby us and start again so maybe we should just focus on weaving some more colourful threads into that life tapestry.
That’s why this year Yogi Bare is here to help you find you “Y/Why” and “B/Be” it. Its about time baby (you) got back, so lets take you back to you.
We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite humans who decided to rip up the playbook, get off the conveyer belt and live the life their way. They found their Y and decided to B.
From ceramics and singers, tattoo artists to activists we’re bringing you our inspirations to inspire yours.
Here’s to finding your Y & B.

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