How To Embrace Outdoor Yoga This Spring

How To Embrace Outdoor Yoga This Summer 2021

After months and months of being, quite literally, locked away in our houses, we finally have the freedom to spend time both outdoors and indoors. Whereas the daily walk was the highlight of our days before, we can now meet up with friends and family in the garden, park or on the beach. With Summer coming in quickly, it’s getting warmer and nicer outside every single day, fueling our urge to go outside even more. After lockdown, where you might have spent months practicing yoga in the same environment every single day, we imagine you may want to spend a bit of time practicing your moves outside. Grab your yoga mat and join us on practicing outdoor yoga this Summer. What are you waiting for? If you need a bit more motivation, we will guide you through how you can embrace outdoor yoga in this blog.

Bring your friends to the park

The best part about practicing yoga outdoors is that you can assemble a couple of friends to join, as long as social distancing is complied. If you have a park in the neighbourhood, you will only need a yoga mat and good company to get started. Or if you prefer a quiet moment for yourself, that’s all up to you. As you will be transporting your yoga mat, it’s convenient to use a carry strap to make your life a bit easier. Find a quiet place in the park, lay out your yoga mats and begin your yoga flow. Don’t forget to inhale deep breaths of fresh air, after all, you should fully enjoy the outdoors!

Yoga mat carry strap

Use a lightweight yoga mat

If you’re planning to fully enjoy your freedom and do all your yoga practices outdoors, we recommend opting for a travel yoga mat. Since you will be carrying it around quite a bit, it won’t hurt if the yoga mat is lightweight and easy to transport. Besides its weight, you should also make sure the yoga mat is easy to clean, as you will be practicing outside and the mat might get dirtier than usual. Thankfully, the yoga mats by Yogi Bare can all be cleaned easily by simply using some warm water with fresh lemon juice. This helps to get rid of built up oils on your yoga mat. Cleaning your yoga mat on a regular basis, preferably weekly, is important to make it last a long time. 

Bring all your workout essentials

Now that we’re almost ready to go, don’t forget to bring your workout essentials. Always bring a big bottle of water to keep you hydrated throughout the yoga practice and if you prefer, you can take along a box to play some music on as well. If you’re working out by yourself, you might prefer using earphones to be completely absorbed in the moment. Put on a calming yoga playlist on Spotify and enjoy the feeling of moving your body to the sound of the music. Music can actually help to find rhythm in your yoga flow and helps you to move smoother. 

Pick a quiet time of day 

Depending on your preferences, you might want to skip the busiest time of day. A yoga practice should be all about finding your calm, winding down and taking a moment for yourself. This might be a bit difficult if half of your city or town is walking by or your kid’s neighbours end up running over your yoga mat. Early in the morning is often a perfect time to practice yoga outdoors, if the temperature allows it. You might want to start off with an extra layer on! On a sunny day, don’t think too long about it, but simply grab your yoga mat and enjoy soaking up some vitamin D while you exercise.

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