How to Come As You Are ... when you don't want to.-Yogi Bare

How to Come As You Are ... when you don't want to.

Compare Despair. Its a real thing huh? It feels an especially mean trick for the brain to play on us when we are having a poorly mental health day. But heres a fact you already know deep down ... the person that you admire or believe has it all together .. they struggle too! 

We asked some of our favourite friends and creatives who are creating away and showing bravery in the face of their struggles. 

One piece of advice or ritual you do on days you are struggling to come as you are:

Briana Price
International DJ, Founder of Paciphonic

In my line of work as a DJ and presenter, authenticity is super important. I’ve been lucky enough to work in the music industry since I was 18, and I’ve learned that one of the most important tips to becoming successful AND staying grounded is to be true to myself; my style, my values, my vision, no matter what or who tries to influence or infiltrate. Sometimes it can be tempting to jump on the next trendy bandwagon, but its so crucial to stick to what you love, enjoy, and are the most passionate about. 
Write a gratitude list. Sometimes we can totally forget the little things that make all the difference, I find when I get started with a gratitude list, things just keep flooding, I write everything down and I soon find myself feeling loved and empowered. It helps put my struggles in perspective and helps me stay present and focus on what really matters most. 

Clara Jonas
Illustrator, Surfer

What is the worst that can happen? Lean into the uncomfortable and the vulnerable, the fear of doing something is more often than not more terrifying than the thing itself. Realise it is so alright, that risk and failure and 'bad stuff' comes with being brave and being yourself and is not something to hide from.
A bit of thought watching, what are the patterns? The things that you tell yourself again and again, and what are they actually grounded in? Reality or perception? Our brains are overactive creatures, and we spend far too much time actually believing them. But of course to totally shift your perception and beliefs is not a small task, so what I try to do, if I can't shift my thoughts, is just watch them for a bit. And have a deep breath or two. 

Katie Burn
Acro Yoga Coach, Female Empowerment Coach, Gymnast

On days where I am struggling to sit in my own skin I try to resist the urge to mentally check out. I do this by being busy, listening to podcasts/music non stop or mindlessly seeking distraction through my phone. I try and give myself at least 10 minutes to unplug from the demands that others or I place on myself. Sometimes this means sitting in silence and stroking my cat and other times it's doing some simple movement on my mat. Both these rituals give me space to observe the feelings in my body and the thoughts in my head. It's not always comfortable but it feels like coming home. 

Charlotte Holmes
International Model, Fitness Coach & General Baddass

This is something I’ve encountered a lot in the last couple of weeks, having trouble entering myself and finding balance, which before teaching can be tough because I want to be fully there as I AM to hold space for people etc. 

What I’ve found really helps me is to take 5 minutes to sit with my eyes closed, ear phones in (something soothing playing), right hand on my belly, left hand on my heart, and to just breath. Using the affirmation ‘let go’ (‘let' as I inhale and ‘go’ as I exhale!)

Reminds me to let go of any expectations I have of myself and strips me back to that feeling of being just me, allowing myself to come, as I am. 

Phoebe Greenacre
Ceo Silou London, Yoga Teacher, my fave weirdo

Learn to accept your weirdness. As it is your uniqueness and your differences that make you YOU. Stand up for what you believe in and align your work, life and love with these values. Then showing up as you are, will be easy and you can learn to live in flow.

Calli Popham
Yogi, Musician, Yoga Teacher Trainer

On slightly lower days, when I am struggling to ‘come as I am’ I have some potent practises that I use to bring me back in to my power. 
1) Writing down all the small things I am grateful for and why and saying Thank you. 
2) Writing and repeating positive affirmations, starting with ‘I am the type of person who...’ and fill in the blanks with all the things that support me in stepping back in to my magic. 
I have also learnt over time that it’s OK to not always be firing at 100% and that highs and lows are both valid: I’ve learnt to sit, honour and observe the shifts Trusting that it’s all fleeting .

I hope that makes you feel a little bit brave, a little bit bolder today.
To embrace all that you have, not all you perceive yourself to lack.
And to 
Come as you are. 

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