Breakfast of Champions-Yogi Bare

Breakfast of Champions

On the weekends we know how to brunch hard. We are talking double courses, enough washing up to get your evicted from your household, two hot drink, two cold drink situations. On the weekend we do it for the gram.

But those weekdays when you've hit snooze too many times, you have toothpaste on your only clean shirt and you've just dunked the end of your hair in your cuppa ... we have the quickest, most naughty tasting, super healthy smoothie recipe for you.

I am not your grandma but I will tell you breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. In a yoga/ayurveda sense the early morning hours are Vata time. The traits of a balanced Vata are creative and happy go lucky, but when out of balance Vata is prone to anxiety, overwhelm and being flighty, not how you want to start your day - trust me. In order to harness the creative good morning energy of Vata and send it beaming into the rest of your day this recipe is perfect.  

Meals in the morning should be light and easy to digest, to prevent brain fog and fatigue.  And while this smoothie tastes like Ben & Jerry's it aids digestion and prevent gas. Why banana? Banana is a power source of nutrition. It works as a mild natural laxative, it grounding and fibrous yet full of water balancing the airy element of Vata. This is important since vata types are vulnerable to constipation.

Super fast and easy to make, the hit of protein (We love Vega Essentials for that extra hit of nutrients and dreamy creamy vanilla flavour) will keep your satiated, while the oats are also protein and fibre rich. Vanilla is well known for its calming properties, are you ready to walk into your day as a one hell of a smoothie operator?



Banoffee Protein Smoothie


Serves 1




20g Flahavan’s Irish Organic Jumbo Oats

1/2 chopped banana, frozen

250ml milk or nut milk

30g plain protein powder

½ tsp vanilla protein powder (Vega Essentials is our fave!) 

1 medjool date




  1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. You can drink on the go ... or if you are doing it for the gram pour into a pour and decorate with nutritious goodies!



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