Adopt a Bear for Black Friday

Adopt a Bear for Black Friday

Why We Don’t Do Black Friday

Yogi Bare is built around creating a supportive community for each other, to learn, grow and thrive. But more than that, we are also a community that seeks to support the beautiful planet we live on, after all, there is no planet B. We believe that protecting the environment also begins with mental health and education. When people consume goods consciously and buy for a genuine need or purpose as opposed to excessive consumption, we are combatting feelings of low self esteem and feelings of comparison and inadequacy. So as part of our brand and social messaging we have chosen this year to not partake in Black Friday.

We pride ourselves in offering the best, most accessible prices on the products we make: The highest performance eco conscious yoga mats and equipment. We want to do this all year round, not just for the Black Friday weekend. And we do this for you, as we choose not to make massive margins while not compromising on quality. 

So what will we be doing instead to spread a little love this coming Black Friday weekend ? 

Adopt a Black Bear

Here at Yogi Bare we are all about supporting each other and having each other’s back, and we realised that there was nothing we lack, so this Black Friday we want to create a bear pack!

This year has been incredibly grizzly for small businesses like ours, and so support for all the baby bears in business is needed now more than ever. Here at Yogi Bare, instead of trying to keep up with the damaging pressure to slash our prices, we are choosing to instead donate a portion of all Black Fridays sales to International Animal Rescue. To keep things festive we will be adopting black bears for Black Friday. A bear is for life. Not just for the weekend!

Run in the Armenian mountains, the bear rescue centre we have chosen provides a home for bears who have been through horrors in their past. We have chosen to work with the International Animal Rescue charity as they provide the very highest standards of care and enrichment activities to keep the rescued bears mentally and physically stimulated including days splashing in pools and enjoying their favourite treats - which I am told is apples for most of them!

We love to see a supportive community like ours, spreading the love to bears who need it most. Whilst their goal is to help rehabilitate them and release them back to the wild, some bears would not survive alone and so instead are provided a safe haven for life. We know just how supportive and thoughtful you are as a community of Yogi Bare’s. Can we call on you to help us expand our bare pack to include a few adopted Armenian bears?

So this coming Black Friday weekend, if you are looking to upgrade your yoga mat guilt-free, why not browse our Wild Paws Natural Rubber Extreme Grip Yoga Mat? Not only will a portion of the sale go towards adopting a black bear, but for every mat we sell, our partners at HomeTree will plant a tree! Double dose of doing good. 

Alternatively, if you would like to adopt or donate directly to International Animal Rescue I will leave their link below where you can choose to help animals in need including Orangutans, Howler Monkey, Slow Loris, India Bear’s, Cats, Dogs, Malta Birds or Macaque’s. 

Click here to Donate to International Animal Rescue. 

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