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Acupressure Mats: How Long Should I Use One For?

As Acupressure Mat’s continue to sweep through the wellness industry, balancing out your body’s energy flow and manipulating your body’s meridians (the paths in the body where the energy flows) has never been easier. As well as restoring energy balance to the body through the application of pressure to the acupoints on the body’s meridians, it is believed that acupressure releases feel-good endorphins and oxytocin in the body.

An acupressure mat, also known as a ‘Needle Stimulation Pad’ (NSP), is a much-loved method of relaxation by all of us at Yogi Bare. Acupressure mats are a modern take on the ancient ‘Bed of Nails’ theory, referring back to a Sanskrit poem from India as far as 200-400 BCE. Rest assured, to reach some much needed pain relief, you don’t need to have been practicing since then! All it takes is anywhere from 2 and 20 minutes to reap those much needed benefits. 


How long should you use an Acupressure Mat for?

So you’ve rolled out your mat in a calm space and you’re ready for some relaxation or maybe to relieve some aches and pains, or to get ready for a good night’s sleep. But how long is long enough? As with any new practice, building up gradually is the best way to start. It’s recommended that you start at around 2 minutes, then onto 5 and 10 over the course of a week or two. Eventually you’ll be able to spend a good 20 minutes, which in turn will help treat anxiety, stress, circulation problems, sports recovery and so much more. Not to mention the additional benefits after adding an Acupressure Pillow to the process.

As a beginner, using your acupressure mat for the first time might be a very new experience, so expect some tingling sensations and warming where the tips of the acupoints press onto the body. This is the blood rushing to the areas that the needles are resting on, creating a painless pressure, which will release endorphins, ease any tensions, and encourage circulation. The additional blood flow draws oxygen to the targeted area, aiding healing that may be the cause of your pain and releasing tensed muscles. 


Benefits of 2 minutes vs 20 minutes 

Even just two minutes on your mat has been said to produce endorphins, encourage muscle relaxation and have a positive impact on headaches and migraines. So whether you’ve got a spare 2 or 20 minutes, taking some time to step onto your mat will have it’s benefits. The versatility of the acupressure mat allows you to use it anywhere, for however long you choose. Finding 2 minutes here and there might be tricky during a busy day, so why not stand on your acupressure mat while you make a cup of tea? Or roll it out during your lunch break?  

20 minutes on the mat will leave you feeling energised and refreshed, aiding with sleep, recurring injuries and lowering high blood pressure, while hitting the 40-minute mark will help with a much deeper relaxation. Using the mat for the recommended time even just once a week will help you use the mat to its maximum benefit. However long you choose, your stint on your acupressure mat will leave you feeling elated with happiness; the perfect antidote after long hours working at a desk, an anxiety filled day or a sore body after an energetic workout.

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