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5 of Our Favourite Online and Live Stream Yoga Classes

Did you hear, your living room is the hottest new yoga studio?!

With many group classes and gyms locking down for the winter I find myself turning to online yoga classes to learn new moves, to help me stay motivated and still feel part of the amazing yoga community. Whilst I love my zen yoga sessions to myself, one of the main reasons I love yoga is the support and comradery that comes with group classes. 

So to spread the love I thought I would share my favourite yoga online classes with you so you can get inspired and won’t be missing out on all the fun. 

Yoga Online Classes

1. Move Studios

Now I don’t like to be biased, but Move Studios is one of my absolute favourite online yoga classes. One of the reasons they are one of my go-to’s is the diversity. You will never be short of inspiration and new skills to try your hand at. The Move Studios covers all bases, and are not just limited to yoga. Their online classes are designed for all abilities and help you dive deeper into specific elements of movement including hand balancing, mobility, circuits, kettlebells and my personal favourites, primal & reset. Dabbling in all elements of movement all helps me work towards my personal yogi goals and mastering those trickier moves I have my eye on. 

2. Digme Fitness

Digme is another regular online yoga class that I always find time for. Digme Fitness combines powerful breath with powerful movements, working on both your strength and flexibility in equal measure. One of the reasons I always come back to Digme is their traditional approach to yoga, using dynamic flow to raise your heart rate and help your mental state. But you don’t need to take my word for it, they currently offer a free trial, go on, I dare ya. 

3. Blok-TV

The atmosphere of the studio is something I am itching to experience again! Until then, I cannot go without my subscription to Blok-TV. It is like Netflix but for yoga and fitness classes, and all I want to do is spam every series! One thing that makes Blok-TV special is they have created ‘series’ that are designed to help you meet specific goals. For example I have completed the ‘Morning Movement’ series which has 7 classes and helps me get energised in the morning. Each series also comes with a heads up on what you are in for: the discipline, category, what body part you will be activating and any equipment you will need. 

4. Episod

If you are in search of a one-stop shop for everything fitness, Episod has you covered. I love visiting their website whenever I am feeling sluggish and need a dose of motivation. From core, to conditioning, strength, yoga and boxing, watching their videos gets my heart rate pumping and the energy that you feel though the screen is tangible. Their yoga classes also have every base covered including yoga vinyasa, yoga hatha, yin yang, yoga power vinyasa, Pilates, flyboard, yoga restorative and yin yoga. 

 5. Fiit

Last but not least, is Fiit. Fiit is on my list of favourite yoga online classes because of the motivation it gives me to reach my goals. It is like having a personal trainer with me in my living room. Whether you are driving to build strength, lose weight, improve cardio fitness or even improve mobility or want to master breath work, you’re covered. What makes Fiit stand out for me, and one of the main reasons I have added it to my list is the healthy competition. They do group workouts with live leader boards scheduled 60 times a day. But what I really love? You can create private classes with your friends! Lockdown, who?

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