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3 Yoga Accessories You Need in Your Practice

One of the reasons we love yoga here at Yogi Bare is that it is for everybody and every body. There is no exclusive club, no joining fees and it can be done anywhere and by anyone with little to no equipment. 


Do I need yoga accessories?

Yoga is all about breathing, all you need to do is focus on your breath. Once you’ve nailed that the rest is just bending. Whether this is in your decorative matching yoga outfit and a yoga mat, or just you in your living room or local park. 

Whilst yoga can be done barefoot on the grass or in a high-tech yoga studio, we are here to introduce you to a few yoga accessories that, while aren’t necessary, can help you to reach those deeper yoga stretches and ease you into a few of the trickier poses. Injecting a few cool new yoga accessories can also expand your yoga ‘repertoire’ and allow you to try out a few new poses that you might not have been able to do otherwise.

Here are 3 of our favourite yoga accessories….

Yoga Wheel

If you are looking for a yoga accessory that will help you to improve your overall flexibility, build strength, aid stretching and release upper and lower back pain, then the yoga wheel is the perfect fit for you. 

The yoga wheel is a hollow shaped yoga accessory that is around 13cm wide with a thickness of 1.6cm. These make the perfect dimensions to fit into the small of your back and support you through some of the trickier yoga poses and aid deep stretches. The main job of a yoga wheel is to provide support to help you stay safe and balanced, whilst still helping you push your yoga routine to the next level. This makes it an ideal yoga accessory for newbies and yogi pro’s alike. 

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration on how to use a yoga wheel you can read our blog post ‘5 Zen Poses Using a Yoga Wheel’ here.

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is a small woven cotton that measures 1.8 meters by 40 mm. These small but effective yoga accessories can be easily added to your yoga kit and taken on your travels, to yoga classes and wherever else your practice may take you. Like most genius inventions, its simple design makes it a versatile piece to add to your yoga practice. 

The main purpose of a yoga strap is to aid stretching and to help us yogis improve range of motion. An example of this is using a yoga strap behind the base of your feet whilst in sitting pose, and using each end of the yoga strap to lean yourself deeper into the pose. 

The D-ring design at the end of your yoga strap also allows you to turn it into a circular strap that can be adjusted by length to further increase its use. 

Yoga Block

A yoga block is a small cuboid shaped item, typically made from either a hard foam or bamboo. The bamboo yoga block will last you a lifetime, whilst the hard foam block will be a little softer and is perfect for beginners using them in supportive postures. Its uses include adding extra length, helping to find balance, supporting tight hips and knees and helping to fine tune your poses. If you still aren’t convinced, you can read our blog post ‘Why You Need to Take a Yoga Block to Your Next Yoga Class’ here. 

If you are looking to inject just one yoga accessory into your yoga routine, then the yoga block is your ticket. The yoga block is one of the most flexible and versatile yoga accessories out there, the swiss army knives of yoga equipment if you like! Its simple design means this small investment can be taken with you on your entire yoga journey, supporting new poses and pushing you further onto more trickier poses.

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