3 Benefits of Bringing Your Own Mat to Yoga Class

3 Benefits of Bringing Your Own Mat to Yoga Class

For all of us regular yoga class attendees, having your own equipment can be a must. Slinging your yoga mat around your shoulder and heading off your regular yoga session can be the break that many of us need, whether that be once in the mid-week or at the end of a hectic working day. It gives us a much needed chance to move our bodies and release ourselves into a calming atmosphere. Some yoga studios offer the option to borrow a yoga mat from them, which can be a good money-saver for some. However, if you are regularly attending sessions, it may be a good idea to start thinking about purchasing your very own equipment. In this article, we will be looking at the top benefits that come with owning your yoga mat. 

1. The Freedom Of Choice

One of the main benefits of bringing your own yoga mat to class is that you have the freedom of choice when it comes to purchasing one. When it comes to practising any sport, it’s vital that you have equipment that works for you and the same goes for yoga. Whether it’s a yoga block, wheel or a mat, you need to have one that works for you and supports you in all the ways you need. If you are borrowing one from your regular yoga studio, you may not find that you are truly getting all the benefits that you would want out of your mat. By shopping around and finding one which you like the feel of, you may find that your practice of yoga improves.

2. Hygiene Between You & Your Mat

Over the past two years, we’ve all truly learnt what proper hygiene means - and the same goes for when we are practising yoga. Whilst yoga can sometimes be a lighter sport, that doesn’t mean that we don’t break a sweat, especially if we are taking part in a hot yoga class. To ensure that you are keeping to the most hygienic practices, we would recommend having your own mat. If you are using one at your local yoga studio, oftentimes, someone else has used it before you. Whilst, typically, these are sanitised, it always feels way better and more comfortable to have your own mat

3. A Sense of Connection 

A sense of connection between yourself and yoga doesn’t end when you leave the studio. A massive benefit of having your own yoga mat is that you don’t have to stop practising when you leave your class. You have the freedom to take it  with you and continue the good vibes all the way home. Many people find that practising yoga in their own home helps them keep up their flexibility, get more vital yoga sessions in and also allows them to move their bodies more in the month. Day-to-day life can be extremely stressful and sometimes, the calming atmosphere of yoga is all we crave. This can be impossible if you are using a borrowed mat! By purchasing your own equipment, you are able to bring that sense of piece home with you. 

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