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“When you want to create a powerful reminder of female strength you go to the brand that represents that for you. Splits59 are like the Rockstar big sister to Yogi Bare, Born in LA, designed in Paris, fuelled by New York and now collaborating with London, this is a feast of urban women coming together to create for anyone identifying with strong female attitude + rebellion. I love the idea of it becoming a celebration of the empowered woman, a woman who has her own back and can carry herself. The woman who lives boldly, lives her life in full right to edges, lives her life truly and authentically as herself.” 

– Kat Pither, Yogi Bare Founder & CEO

“We seek to provide a wardrobe for the empowered woman to find confidence and comfort in her active wardrobe.  We hope this adds to her inner strength and her ability to push forward toward her ultimate goals.  It seemed fitting to partner with Yogi Bare, founded by an empowered woman, for our first International collaboration.  Our products and vision come together seamlessly to give our audience a product that is the best in both design and performance.”

– Shannon Quarantino, Splits59 Vice President of Digital Commerce