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Your Yoga Strap Just Got A Serious Upgrade

Yoga is so many things to different people. The possibilities are endless, practise it in your lounge, at a village hall or in the great outdoors, within a class, on zoom or following a YouTube video. A session can last 5 minutes or 45 minutes. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, it’s open to all. Yoga is so versatile and depending on your mood, you can do it for exercise, relaxation or both.

Whatever it is that you love about yoga, there comes a point when you look for ways to deepen your practise. You might try a new form of yoga, go to a different instructor or buy yourself some yoga blocks. Another relatively inexpensive and easy way to spice up your yoga practise is with a yoga strap.


What is a Yoga Strap?

A stretching strap is a great addition to your yoga kit. Unlike many products on today’s market, it pretty much does what it says on the tin. So, you won’t be surprised to hear that its purpose is to help stretch and lengthen limbs. 


Benefits of a Yoga Strap

When you’re still half asleep and easing into your morning yoga routine, this can be quite helpful. Let’s face it, we all need more than a little assistance to get going in the morning. Who isn’t stiff or working out aches and pains from some weird sleeping position? This gem of a product, helps to gently lengthen and deepen stretches, making them safer and increasing the body’s mobility.

Another way to use a stretching strap is for advancing your practise. Remember those tricky or challenging poses that always seem unattainable. Little by little you can use your stretching strap to edge your way past boundaries, helping to make difficult poses more achievable. Such a simple piece of kit, but one that increases space, awareness, flexibility and can be used to improve form and body alignment whilst you’re in posture. The other great thing is that they’re ultra-portable and can be taken wherever your practise takes you. 


Your Yoga Strap Just Got A Serious Upgrade

It won’t have gone unnoticed that Yogi Bare never does anything by halves. By goodness, no! Meet RPET Yoga Stretching Strap Black, available in classic black or its seriously cool counterpart, RPET Yoga Stretching Strap Tropical.  

These incredibly strong, durable stretching straps are perfect for the eco-conscious shopper. An ethos shared by Yogi Bare, the brand’s mission is to create sustainable products that make a real difference to the world.  From product, to packaging to freight, every step of the process is carefully considered, waste minimised, and sustainable, recyclable materials used and reused wherever possible. 


What’s Good About RPET?

RPET is recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Made from plastic waste, these yoga straps are giving plastic a second life as we speak, limiting it from going to landfill. Not only that, but recycling plastic also avoids the highly damaging process of crude oil extraction. An extra benefit is that using RPET reduces the creation of virgin plastic and requires 75% energy less to produce. It really is an all-round eco-hero.

So, next time you set up for a yoga routine, make sure you’ve got a Yogi Bare stretching strap on hand. Essential for poses like Chaturanga, Navasana, Bow Pose, and Seated Forward Fold, we promise that you’ll be amazed at how much better your stretches feel. Who knows, you might even be brave enough to try the yoga splits with the help of one!

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