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Yoga Away From Home? Bring A Travel Yoga Mat

Traveling can be a stressful ordeal, with planes to catch, long car rides and the dreaded luggage hauling it can sometimes feel overwhelming. What better way to unwind and de-stress than to roll out your mat and find some inner peace with our range of extra grip mats available in travel size. There's no better way!

No matter the space, size and luggage limit, by taking out travel mats along with you, you can get your yoga fix wherever and whenever you feel like. By also taking advantage of our yoga bundles you can travel with all your yoga favorites without compromising on space.  

Some of our favourite all star yoga mats can be taken with you while you’re jetting off, great in times where portability, compatibility and style are well needed. Travel yoga mats are perfect for times where you shouldn’t have to compromise on your yoga needs, even if you're traveling, whether that's across the globe or across the street. One of the many desirable factors of yoga is its sociability so if you fancy taking our Teddy - Lightweight travel yoga mat in cosmic or another from the collection over to a friends house for a group session then the size or weight shouldn't hold you back. Roll them up, pop them in your backpack and you're on your way!

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Travel Yoga Mats 

The Teddy Lightweight travel yoga mat in tropical in  tropical print is ideal to bring the holiday vibes to you while you’re traveling. Portable yoga mats are perfect for every kind of yoga enthusiast who is looking to take their passion with them wherever they go. Not only that, but these travel yoga mats don’t compromise on style, with such a wide range to suit everyone's taste. If the green and white isn't you, why not try our portable yoga mat in Nevada, a mix of cool pink tones. 

To really incorporate the on-the-go lifestyle that might prevent you from getting into the zone there is a bundle option for those looking to level up their yoga game. Great for winter breaks away and when you’re away for Christmas. Check out our Silver Collection that comes with a mat, block and stretch strap  to make sure all your yoga essentials are portable. Other options include They also make a fab gift for you or any yogis in your life.  

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Lightweight Yoga Mats For A Winter Break Away 

We know that with the festive season approaching, it's the perfect time to take a well deserved break. Yoga is an easy way of incorporating some calm ‘me time’ into a busy schedule. Not only are the travel mats great for taking along on your travels but they are great for small spaces too. Going to a friend’s house? Going on a winter break away? Or how about Christmas break at your in-laws? Whatever your destination is during the holidays this year, Yogi Bare’s yoga mats can join you on the adventure.

The lightweight portability of these mats means that you always have the ability to get a yoga practice in. Whether you have a spare hour or only ten minutes, it’s a lot easier when you’ve got your portable yoga mat on hand.

So why not do something for the mind, body and soul this winter and join the many already taking their yoga to the next level with our travel yoga mats and much more. Browse all our travel mats selection and our collection of essential yoga accessories for gifting joy.  

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